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Synonyms for shriveled

(used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture

lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness

reduced in efficacy or vitality or intensity

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Shriveled fruit is not retribution for past actions.
The state government has clarified that the up to 6 per cent shriveled and broken wheat grains will be procured by all agencies in the mandis at ` 1,450 per quintal.
One other consideration for shriveled leaves is a lack of moisture in the air.
The aim of the present work is to analyze the relationship between the percentage of the rye terminal heterochromatin bands and the presence and number of univalents in Metaphase I, the Meiotic Index, and the kernel characteristics (shriveled or smooth kernels and weight) in the tricepiro lines Don Rene and FA-L2.
Shriveled berries on ripening clusters are not uncommon in California vineyards.
We spoke in sign, pointed shriveled fingers to griefs incised, grooved, silted over.
Diversion of traffic from existing roads will dry up critical tourist and traveler revenue, just as railroad bypasses shriveled bustling towns years ago.
Shriveled, slithery, and wily, Gollum is one of the more memorable characters in the Lord of the Rings movies.
Schiavo's brain was tiny and shriveled; her skull was filled primarily with fluid.
Far from losing its significance after the war, it has continued to grow in size while other tests in the former Yugoslavia have shriveled. It is currently the most important film event in the Balkans, outside Greece's Thessaloniki meet.
A riotous assembly in which a thoroughly debauched cadre of shriveled old men indulge in various acts of sexual violence, it imagines a private club for the powerful of the most disturbing kind.
A MID ROW UPON row of beautiful, healthy, uniform pepper plants, one or two stand out for their sad, shriveled appearance.
Both First Ladies had socially inept husbands: James Madison was of small stature, silent in crowds, a shriveled apple of man, according to satirist Washington Irving; John Quincy was austere, bookish, and easily made enemies.
Or you kneel, there in the brown shriveled grass and flecks of dirty snow that was your garden, and you pray to the Mother for your mother, who died and left a ragged hole you will never fill.