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Synonyms for shriveled

(used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture

lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness

reduced in efficacy or vitality or intensity

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Shriveled fruit is not retribution for past actions.
The state government has clarified that the up to 6 per cent shriveled and broken wheat grains will be procured by all agencies in the mandis at ` 1,450 per quintal.
One other consideration for shriveled leaves is a lack of moisture in the air.
Besides, Don Rene and FA-L2 differed in their kernel characteristics: the former had shriveled seeds whereas the latter had smooth ones with greater average weight.
Far from losing its significance after the war, it has continued to grow in size while other tests in the former Yugoslavia have shriveled.
A riotous assembly in which a thoroughly debauched cadre of shriveled old men indulge in various acts of sexual violence, it imagines a private club for the powerful of the most disturbing kind.
A MID ROW UPON row of beautiful, healthy, uniform pepper plants, one or two stand out for their sad, shriveled appearance.
The dark mystery of religion (the theory goes) shriveled up in the dehydrating glare; or else it went bankrupt and was bought out by science and industry; or else perhaps it descended into hell for three centuries.
Once the cacao capital of the world, the town could only sit and watch as the vicious witch's broom disease [vassoura de bruja] ripped out its roots in the early 1990s, leaving shriveled leaves and rotten fruit in its wake.
In its occluded illumination we can make out a shriveled tree, as stark as seaweed, and beside it a pale rock.
The (lo) scs durum lines, thus produced, are male sterile, and when crossed with the control durum, produce some plump viable seeds (with scs gene) and some shriveled inviable seeds (lacking scs gene).
Avoid: Shriveled fruit, soft, leaking flesh, brown discoloration, mold, and a generally dull look.
Since the early 1960s, scientists have observed some shocking mutations in wildlife - hermaphroditic seagulls with both male and female sex organs, eagles with crossed beaks, panthers born with undescended testicles, alligators with shriveled penises (see Currents, January/February 1996), and fish gonads which aren't distinctly male or female.
What brought us to the poor, shriveled prospect that is the Left today?