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wrap something tightly with heated plastic that shrinks upon cooling

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Shrinkwrap installation experts completed the job over the course of three days.
Show the episode PVC Kayak, in which teams build kayaks out of PVC pipe and shrinkwrap.
1) Make sure your fuel-flow meter's kit includes everything it is supposed to--mounting brackets and hardware, shrinkwrap, wiring harness, the flow sensor, etc.
In Montana, the LCD just bought a bailer (which compresses shrinkwrap into tightly pressed bales).
Shrinkwrap, plastic bags, apparel bags, and other loose plastic are loaded over the cardboard, upon which another section of cardboard is placed.
It's quite nice - once you've taken off the shrinkwrap covering.
The molded fiber Shock Blocks require no cutting, assembly or repetitious motions, and are easy to shrinkwrap or carton.
Now, my mother accumulates things: pencils, pens, erasers, staplers, dog biscuits, mustard, marinade sauce, flyswatters, fans, exercise videos in shrinkwrap, eight-packs of paper towel, sixteen-packs of toilet paper, household-tip books, lowfat diet books, anticholesterol books, prescription drug books, holistic remedy books, apple cores, pear cores, orange seeds, dried knobs from navel oranges, coupon booldets, echinacea pills, toothpicks, balled-up stockings, slippers, telephone notepads, eyeglass repair kits, special dustrags.
Shrinkwrap licenses are notices to consumers that by removing the shrinkwrap packaging on a product, they agree to form contract provisions drafted by the seller (sometimes these provisions are not even visible until the consumer has opened the package).
Shrinkwrap forms typically assert that by opening the package, using the software, and failing to return it within a specified time, the licensee accepts the licensor's terms.
Part II discusses briefly the enforceability of shrinkwrap and clickwrap agreements, particularly in light of UCITA.
Recent listings include: 400 pounds of shrinkwrap, 75,000 "non-sterile" syringes, and used airplane-seat covers.
CYBERIAN OUTPOST chief executive Darryl Peck on electronic software distribution: "I never see the day where ESD overtakes shrinkwrap.
We typically throw away the licensing agreement forms, although we may have glanced at them long enough to know these documents construe breaking open the plastic shrinkwrap or installing the software on a computer as assent to the terms of the license.