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process or result of becoming less or smaller

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The cause-effect sequence runs as follows: An aging population leads to a shrinking labor force, which reduces the marginal product of and hence the return on capital.
is to break the tight adhesion of the cooling and shrinking part to the mold core.
The Shrink Cycler 810A is a shrinking system greatly advancing the yield of productivity for medical device manufacturers.
Residents say the lake has been noticeably shrinking for the past four years.
Because many other elements should be capable of ytterbium's shrinking trick, the new approach could amount to a versatile strategy for making zero-expansion materials, says Kanatzidis.
Shrinking heads, or making tsantsa, an ancient practice associated mostly with the Jivaro tribe of South America, was believed to keep away avenging spirits.
The Shrink-Master induction shrink-fit workstation is suitable for shrinking all cutting tools with an h6 shank tolerance in less than 20 seconds.
Pertinent Data: The Shrink-Master can be used on all straight shank solid carbide tools with h6 tolerance and provides similar shrinking times for small and large tool diameters.
First of all, the number of tax software brands is shrinking, leaving thousands of CPAs tax software orphans with fewer replacement products to choose from.
Plastic will curl as it shrinks but will uncurl and flatten as shrinking is finished.