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Synonyms for shrinkage

process or result of becoming less or smaller

the amount by which something shrinks

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the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store

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A separate analysis from the long-term follow-up extension study LONGTERMS, showed that the rate of brain shrinkage in patients treated with GilenyaA (fingolimod) remained similar throughout the six-year period, between 0.
One of the first steps in avoiding shrinkage problems in ductile iron melting is to select a suitable carbon equivalent (CE) that avoids the flotation of graphite nodules leading to shrinkage.
The occurrence of shrinkage leads to the development of internal tension stresses that can result in concrete cracking if the developed internal tension stresses surpass concrete tensile strength.
Higher packing pressures will reduce the level of shrinkage, and lower mold temperatures also have this effect, although in the case of mold temperature the benefits may be only temporary.
The following objectives of the study have been followed: 1) to investigate accuracy of the shrinkage prediction models; 2) to explore whether steel fibre reinforcement has influence on the shrinkage magnitude.
This combination not only helps reduce shrinkage, it helps mitigate data security breaches and problems with improper disposal.
From a compounding perspective, using formulations that contain higher filler loadings will usually reduce the degree of compound shrinkage that occurs after cure (mold shrinkage) (refs.
The primary cause of error in fish length measurement is shrinkage related to collection and preservation (Theilacker, 1980; Hay, 1981; Butler, 1992; Fey, 1999).
During the same conference session, called "35 Ways to Boost Your Profits--A Best Ideas Conference Summary," Brian McCallum of WD&S Publishing recommended "growth by shrinkage.
The researchers' conclusion rests on observations of people who underwent arm manipulations that create illusions of finger growth or shrinkage.
Consumers will lose out on the high street if retailers fail to address shrinkage levels, according to accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Exceeding the precompression or the maximum drying intensity (= most negative previous pore water pressure) resulted in an intense shrinkage and soil volume decrease.
com)-- Knowlagent, a leading agent productivity solution for the world's 10 million call center agents, announced the launch of its CRMXchange content series, which will provide leaders with insights to improve call center productivity and reduce shrinkage.
The intent was to determine how much time call center agents spend in shrinkage across different types of centers and to understand what activities contribute to this type of loss.