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the clinging transparent plastic film that is used to shrinkwrap something

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Compared with the use of steam to heat the shrink-wrapping materials, hot air has the advantage that higher working temperatures can be generated.
The label is then transferred to the applicator pad ready to be affixed to the pallet following shrink-wrapping.
When we planned the operation, we figured the shrink-wrapping would take from four to eight hours," said Lt.
Prior to the shrink-wrapping, the aircraft were put through an assembly-line processing.
Weinberger's company sells shrink-wrap film, industrial tape, cardboard boxes, bubble cushion and other packaging, as well as shrink-wrapping machines, according to its Web site.
ATW has received calls seeking information and requests for product repairs about shrink-wrapping machines sold by Pac N' Wrap, Drew said.
The Bradford based arm of Sealed Air Ltd is launching a campaign to promote the extensive Shanklin[R] shrink-wrapping range.
High winds thwarted the efficiency of shrink-wrapping the helicopters.
Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said investigators were reviewing several possible causes for the blast, which started in or next to a machine used for shrink-wrapping strips of explosive caps for toy guns.
Thanks to a special sealing jaw, film is wrapped around the product more tightly than conventional shrink-wrapping and without tension.
The shrink-wrapping process of cocooning the helicopters in white protective plastic took four to six hours per aircraft.
The Arc's Work Opportunity Center in Long Branch provides sheltered employment to more than 160 individuals with special needs, and handles a wide range of subcontract work including general assembly, shrink-wrapping, bagging and other types of work.
In addition, EDL will also be displaying a variety of display shrink-wrapping or bagging applications, the EDL Model Totalpack S.