shrink back

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pull away from a source of disgust or fear

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So what do you need to ensure your walnut does shrink back to its size?
Cigarette smoke starves your gums of oxygen so they literally start to shrink back
Toyota, the world's biggest automaker, is the only other Japanese firm to have surpassed the 1.0tn yen profit mark, according to the Nikkei business daily, but Mitsubishi said its earnings were likely to shrink back to 950bn yen this year.
It will tend to shrink back a little as it rests, so just carry on stretching the dough until it's approximately 22 x 33cm after shrinkage.
Space and matter would shrink back to the way they were at the Big Bang, just as a ball you throw up comes down at the same speed it left your hand.
After having to "shrink back" into its original factory space, the firm split its workforce into two shifts and worked tirelessly to keep production going as the extension was re-built.
significant part" provisions might apply to a packaging manufacturer and advised taxpayers to consider the so-called "shrink back" provision to qualify receipts derived from any eligible component of the property if the item's total receipts do not meet the Sec.
The deficit is forecast to shrink back to 1% of GDP in 2014.
There was a folk tale in Leicestershire that if you had piles - you know, prolapsed piles or haemorrhoids - if you took a teabag and sprinkled the contents on the extruded parts, they would shrink back. I was in surgical outpatients as a medical student when a lady came back in.
Shinzo Abe is among those Japanese politicians who leap forward when they see an opportunity, and shrink back when they face pressure.
As a matter of fact, what he's done is, he's said in fact to Israel that they need to shrink back to their indefensible 1967 borders.
When it connects, he feels the lamb shrink back into his hand.
But instead of going for the jugular, we seemed to shrink back into our shell and pretty soon afterwards gave the initiative away.
After ovulation, rising levels of progesterone cause the gyri to shrink back.