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a vessel engaged in shrimping

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If caught, the illegal shrimpers and fishermen are charged and taken to court where the severity of the offence is decided by the court.
Commercial shrimpers, on the other hand, have a different story to tell.
He was a shrimper because when he came to the United States in 1981, there were no other opportunities available to him.
An unreasonable woman; a true story of shrimpers, politicos, polluters, and the fight for Seadrift, Texas.
Government cracks down on shrimpers in protected area
The Blessing of the Fleet is a ceremony held prior to shrimp season each year to bless the shrimpers and their boats to insure a safe and bountiful season.
Renegade shrimpers are now free to routinely sacrifice sea turtles so Americans can eat cheaper shrimp.
Government regulators claim that 95-99 percent of shrimpers are using TEDs properly on their nets.
Every dedicated shrimper has sat impatiently waiting for the shrimp to make their move on the nights they thought would be the best, only to find out later after they went home that the run took place just few minutes or hours after they left.
Nobody's better at it; I feel as safe as I ever did knowing they're around," says Florida shrimper Eric Schmidt.
So Tampa Bay's ecosystem continues to flourish, partly because of the shrimper phaseout.
I waited five years for this new pier to happen," said 73-year-old Charlie Gibbs, a lifelong fisherman and shrimper from Titusville.