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Synonyms for shrillness

the quality of being sharp or harsh to the senses

having the timbre of a loud high-pitched sound

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While her tone may have been gentle and calm, there were enough hints about the reasons for the shrillness that has dominated the relationship for some time.
From someone who tried to cover up his inadequacies in the fields of ideas and oratory by his shrillness in parliament and outside, Rahul has suddenly become calm and composed - a person who can articulate his views cogently and is not afraid to mock himself by saying that he has been called "stupid" by a section of netizens ostensibly associated with the saffron camp.
The actress has been effectively coaxed to deliver her lines using a lower vocal register, so her performance is devoid of its usual eardrum-puncturing shrillness.
Regardless of the decision in court today the exercise has no hope of succeeding and yet, the shrillness of the 'fear' that is being associated with their presence is exceptional.
iv) The intensity of the Chinese propaganda media blasts, and shrillness of tone, suggest anxiety at not being able to explain the miscalculation on the part of their military to their public.
Clean India, Clean Ganga, Digital India, Skills India, Start- Up India, Make in India, Smart Cities -- the various Modi campaigns can be progressed irrespective of the shrillness of the Opposition.
The shrillness, jingoism, exaggerations, boorishness and sometimes mistakes in coverage have rankled the host community," Kanak Mani Dixit, editor of the highly respected Himal magazine, tells me.
Seal allowed full rein to the outbursts and rhetorical posturing of the opening and closing allegros that, despite occasional shrillness (an additional desk of first violins would have lessened the strain), often made an exciting sound.
There are those who will see futility in her actions, yet her efforts are a far better investment in our community than the shrillness of those who would close the school doors on our most challenging students.
In a sharp attack, Naidu said, "I hope that the opposition would have realised that the battle with the government will have to be on the strength of their ideas rather than shrillness of their voices.
Throughout, Paremski demonstrated an undeniably organic physical mastery of what's needed to punch the bass register without banging and the treble without shrillness.
Her Romeo, Rebecca Robinson, had a pleasant, light mezzo, though it tended to shrillness in the higher register on more than one occasion.
In the still hot debris of the death by ambush of five Indian soldiers and a shrillness in the hostility, Prime Ministers Nawaz Sharif and Manmohan Singh had a lukewarm coming together in the Big Apple, but neither bit into the fruit of what both believe is a poisoned tree.
The violin player was skillful, classically trained; Samson could tell--undoubtedly more used to playing Mozart than the German folk tune now pealing from his instrument with an underlying shrillness.
Granted, climate science has sometimes given the world cause for skepticism, but shrillness has crowded out reasoned discourse.