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the act of being shriven

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The Long Shrift, written by Robert Boswell, focuses on a man who is released from prison after being convicted of rape.
US vice-presidential debates, much like vice-presidents, are often given short shrift, but much attention will be focused tonight on Barack Obama's running mate Joe Biden and whether he can reverse his campaign's momentum following what many believe was a weak debate performance by the president.
Thus, once again, the American cocker spaniel gets not even short shrift .
However, the constituents of the Left Democratic Front, like the Janata Dal (Secular), the Revolutionary Socialist Party, the Nationalist Congress Party and the Kerala Congress have given short shrift to the youth.
Elsewhere, Ryan is given short shrift when he tries to apologise to Katie.
The Book of Shrift," a 4000-line penitential handbook in verse (Index of Middle English Verse 694), forms one of the typical additions to the original text of Cursor Mundi.
WHEN questioned by Andrew Marr about taking money from British American Tobacco, Conservative Kenneth Clarke stated that no-one had asked him to do anything wrong and that if they had he would have given them short shrift.
RYANAIR received short shrift when it threatened British satirical magazine Private Eye with "legal proceedings" unless it handed over pounds 1,000 to the charity Orbis Ireland.
ARSENE WENGER has indicated AC Milan would receive short shrift if they were to make an offer for Arsenal's star striker Emmanuel Adebayor.
CAMBODIA will give short shrift to short a*ses in a bid to compete with the big boys.
So, for example, while Lincoln School of Architecture, the extensions to Keble College Oxford, and a house in Hampstead called The Priory are described and analysed comprehensively, the alterations to the Ashmolean Museum and the various university masterplans get short shrift.
The government hopes that Wal-Mart de Mexico will focus on low-income consumers given short shrift by the large banks.
And yet the most powerful metaphor in the theatrical lexicon, dance, is given short shrift in the contemporary theater.
Consequently, the state has continued to get short shrift from Washington in areas ranging from transportation funds to homeland security.
Filled with charts and illustrations, the authors present their case well, but they give short shrift to some of the problems with increased energy use, including global warming and the destruction of habitat.