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It's Wall's all the way, not organic Sussex farmhouse ice cream in locally sourced wholewheat cones, but it's a shrieky, bustling kind of crowd that couldn't care less.
Chopped guitars and shrieky vocals made the night largely forgettable.
Technically well equipped, if a little shrieky at her top end, she actually does better with the more gruelling Act 2 Torture Aria, which here becomes a real showstopper when followed by the interval.
Of Shelley, Carlyle wrote (to Robert Browning, 8 March 1852): "the very voice of him (his style & c), shrill, shrieky, to my ear.
Two for smoking," she announced with a high, shrieky giggle punctuated by a toss of her head and a light adjustment of her spangled glasses.
In the third big female role of the opera, Carol Vaness as Elettra got off to a somewhat shrieky start but brought down the house in her big third-act aria, with brilliance and passion combined in rare measure.
What a shrieky lot the cast seem to be, chucking drinks over each other and swearing their way tS hrough scenes.
Anybody with half a brain wants something interesting in the morning - not a shrieky presenter like Christine Bleakley and her dull sidekick Adrian Chiles.
Store manager Ollie (Jones, who played Truman Capote so convincingly in "Infamous") tries to calm people down, but Harden's freaky, shrieky religious fanatic, Mrs.
It is very well acted by its young cast, though I would have welcomed a slightly less shrieky style of delivery and for the first 15 minutes surtitles would have been useful.
SHE may have ludicrously long hair for a woman in her 60s and a rather shrieky voice, but there isn't a woman alive who doesn't feel sympathy for Jan Leeming.