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continually complaining or faultfinding


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Moreover, the title "Seeing Red" and a shrewish character sound like direct references to her.
Strauss and Shakespeare CBSO at Symphony Hall RICHARD STRAUSS'S Sinfonia Domestica has had a bad press, its gargantuan portrait of a day in the composer's family life, his shrewish wife and their toddler Franz, dismissed as crass and philistine.
And of course there's Cedric (Hart), the height-impaired lothario -- now on a trial separation from his shrewish wife, Gail (Wendy Williams) -- who mistakenly assumes the role of Michael's best man for the wedding and impulsively books a lavish hotel suite, complete with a private British butler, that he thinks is $4,000 a night but actually costs 10 times that.
Richard Elfyn excels as Mr Pugh, the henpecked husband plotting poisoning, while remaining meek in front of his shrewish wife.
Here, Dan Wheeler stomps around, lashing out verbally and physically as the shrewish Katherine: a Julian Clary lookalike in Doc Martens, while Vince Leigh executes a swift transformation at the start of the play - as his Christopher Sly falls into a drunken dream - into gold-digger Petruchio, out to marry and tame Kate.
In years to come, his son Jack may forgive him for initially turning his back on him but, if the little lad discovers his dad gave him up so he could win back his shrewish ex-wife's love, he might not be quite so quick to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Shakespeare's plot remains true as everyone wants to marry Bianca, but Bianca isn't free to marry until her shrewish sister, Kate, finds a husband.
Because Rimler cites sources related to Kay Swift as supporting the most extreme examples of Leonore's shrewish behavior, it is evident that this was certainly the way Swift saw Gershwin's sister-in-law.
Dolan argues that there are three major images through which marriage is discussed in the early modern period: the Christian model of "one flesh," the common law notion of coverture in which husband and wife are one person, and the comic tradition of marital dispute and shrewish wives, where equality leads to conflict.
Or are we in for a week of screaming arguments alternating with shrewish sniping?
His daughter, Rosa, disillusioned by her work both in Cuba and with Harlem adolescents, spitefully embraces Orthodox Judaism; another daughter, Karla, struggles with wifehood and starts a friendship with an Egyptian news vendor; Lenny, the manipulative foster brother, abuses drugs; and Audrey, the shrewish matriarch, uncovers a terrible secret.
In Jackie DiOrio and Eryka Waggoner's interpretation of Richard II, the exploration of the shrewish mother York was more complicated than its earlier manifestation in Henry VI.
The final essay, by LaRue Love Sloan, demonstrates the entrenched positioning of genders in oral tradition by linking the curtain lecture in which a shrewish wife harangues her husband with the final tragic pillow scene in Othello.
Bianca is the sweet-natured sister of shrewish Katharina in The Taming of the Shrew, and once again Hunt inscribed a quotation ('the patroness of heavenly harmony' from Act II, Scene I) on the frame.
Barney Frank" corrects a shrewish "Nancy Pelosi," who tries to blame President Bush for the crisis.