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Synonyms for shrewdly


Synonyms for shrewdly

in a shrewd manner

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It grieves my heart to see one as gallant as this Stutely die, for I have been a good Saxon yeoman in my day, ere I turned palmer, and well I know a stout hand and one that smiteth shrewdly at a cruel Norman or a proud abbot with fat moneybags.
asked the young man; and the citizen, shrewdly conjecturing his watch to be safe, dragged it out and announced:
Hoot, hoot, hoot," said the barber, "nae kind of a man, nae kind of a man at all;" and began to ask me very shrewdly what my business was; but I was more than a match for him at that, and he went on to his next customer no wiser than he came.
Addenbrooke opened his lips, half rose, then sat back in his chair, and looked long and shrewdly at Raffles--never once at me.
Whether the witch had read the minister's thoughts or no, she came to a full stop, looked shrewdly into his face, smiled craftily, and -- though little given to converse with clergymen -- began a conversation.
I guess everybody has a different rose," said Huldah shrewdly.
By the Mother of Heaven, I am a better Christian man than thou and thy fellowship; for the bruit goeth shrewdly out, that the most holy Order of the Temple of Zion nurseth not a few heretics within its bosom, and that Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert is of the number.
With more than a few scares suited to horror films (monster special effects and shock cuts) it shrewdly blends disturbing interviews with chilling moments as the poor folk who suffer from nightmares talk about their experiences and how they deal with them.
Tony Coldwyn captures the strange, soothing tenor of Jeffs' voice in the title role, in a movie that otherwise doesn't do much more than scratch the surface of a salacious story, which Lifetime will shrewdly pair with a related documentary.
Come, let us deal shrewdly with them, so that they may not increase; otherwise, in the event of war, they may join our enemies in fighting against us and go up from the land' (Ex.
We can only hope Newcastle United build upon foundations already in place by using the January transfer window shrewdly.
Actually, reports Robert Zaretsky today in Tablet Magazine, Le Pen fille has shrewdly cleansed the party of most anti-Semitic elements, making French Jews feel like supporting her isn't an automatic non-non.
Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has shopped shrewdly in the French market and buying Brown would also strengthen his squad without breaking the bank.
He wasn't a big gambler but he had people around him who liked a touch and he used my 7lb claim shrewdly.
O'Brien's sculptures, drawings, and paintings are shrewdly insouciant.