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Synonyms for shrewd

Synonyms for shrewd

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

Synonyms for shrewd

marked by practical hardheaded intelligence


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And although Shrewd ran down the field from a poor draw in last year's Cesarewitch, Jardine is expecting better this time from stall nine.
He's off to the Melbourne Cup next month, but stablemate Shrewd looks a terrific each-way player at 16/1.
Professionally he was well respected as a shrewd operator, but he was very kind-hearted.
RMT union leader Bob Crow, dead at 52, is being hailed as a shrewd man of the people.
16 ( ANI ): m dmi Party (P) leader Kumar Vishwas said on Monday that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was being shrewd and was playing 'evil politics'.
That is looking a shrewd move (as shrewd as it was a strange one by Essex to let him go) as the 26-year-old has started this season very strongly.
Mulk, a shrewd observer of the game, feels that Deccan Chargers' captain Kumar Sangakkara needs to be more aggressive.
Cahill, 30, admits the Merseysiders cannot compete in the transfer market but insists boss David Moyes has built an excellent squad full of homegrown kids and shrewd buys.
Contrary to your statement that I "believe Ford sold Jag and Land Rover to Tata as a shrewd business move", I actually said that Tata buying Jag and Land Rover was a shrewd business move.
Was British mogul Richard Branson's pledge to donate $3 billion over the next decade to promote alternative energies and fight global warming a pure gift to the world, or was it perhaps more of a shrewd investment?
Artists were themselves caught between two worlds and da Vinci is portrayed as having both a creative mind and a shrewd sense of survival.
Written by Rae McGregor of Auckland, it is titled Shrewd Sanctity: The story of Kathleen Hall 1896-1970.
In today's competitive commercial real estate market, locking into a lease at a well-regarded address like 902 Broadway is a shrewd business decision," Fishman said.
The group sees sustainable technology as a shrewd investment as well as complement to its stated goals.