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a device that shreds documents (usually in order to prevent the wrong people from reading them)

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As the turnkey solution provider, Andritz has obtained the shredders for the futuristic project for the local utility business Riikinvomia Oy.
We have redefined the shredder market and developed technology to meet our consumers' shredding needs whilst delivering our partners improved sales and higher gross profit with increased margin per unit across the EU -- this is a true commercial success.
While there is no DON policy specifying the type of shredder to use, it is highly recommended and considered a best practice to always use a cross cut shredder.
If you intend to simply shred dried tree leaves in the fall, an electric-powered dedicated shredder may be all you need, especially if your yard is less than half an acre.
When asked what recyclers and their suppliers should be considering when in the market for a slow-speed or primary shredder, equipment vendors are quick to remark that defining and characterizing the feedstock is critical.
IDSA's board of directors approved the purchase of the shredder, which will be installed in the spring of 2008.
More than one-third of respondents said they dispose of work-related documents at home and nearly 60% said they own a paper shredder
Single-shaft rotary shredders for rigid and flexible materials, and also two- and three-cut systems with shredder shafts in series for higher throughput of large parts and film/fiber waste.
I bought the whole shredder for $5, because nobody bid on it," Don says.
The Destroyit 2501 paper shredder is the newest shredder from MBM Corporation of North Charleston, South Carolina.
According to security experts, using large type (less text per shred) and feeding the paper into a shredder perpendicular to the direction of the text makes reconstruction much more difficult, but probably not for long.
A LEAMINGTON designer will be looking to destroy the opposition when he and his robot - Shredder - take on all comers.
With a powerful cutting action, the shredder will take up to five A4 sheets at a time, shredding a single sheet in only three seconds.