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prepared by cutting

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A certificate guaranteeing that the shredding is done is provided to all customers, and then shredded items are recycled.
SDCCU began hosting its free Shred Day events in 2007 and has since collected, shredded and recycled more than 1.
Superfruity Shredded Wheat rolls out later this month and consists of bitesize Shredded Wheat filled with a blend of fruits.
Once materials have been shredded on site at your facility, they are subsequently baled and recycled into a variety of useful products.
The public was invited to bring any amount of personal paper documents and textbooks to be shredded by KCT Credit Union onsite.
Richmond based Holmesterne Foods is launching a range of shredded meats that meet the demands of both food service and retail customers.
All shredded paper is recycled into paper products.
Using a technique employed in food processing and other industries to measure cell damage, Buckmaster put chopped and shredded corn stalks in water and compared the amount of leachates in each solution.
It will be immediately shredded, for free, on board the mobile shredding truck.
Van Dam says that while wood block scraps may only be reduced at a 3:1 volume ratio, large skeleton boards with shapes already removed can be shredded for an 8:1 or greater volume reduction.
In early 2005, the company was able to sell shredded scrap at a dollars-per-ton figure that greatly exceeded the procurement cost of ferrous scrap in 2002, 2003 and early 2004, allowing the company to realize a quick return on its investment and to quickly invest in enhanced downstream systems.
You'll find cubes of red, yellow, white, purple or other potatoes or shredded red, green, Savoy or Napa cabbages tossed with plain mayo, Miracle Whip, sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk, oils, vinegars, and lemon, lime or orange juices -- and jazzed up with glorious accents like yellow, Dijon or grainy mustards, dill or sweet pickles, pickle relishes, celery, green, red or white onions, radishes, chopped red or green peppers, tomatoes, celery, jicama or hard-cooked eggs, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, black beans, olives, horseradish, chutneys, cooked bacon, prosciutto, salami, feta, blue or other cheeses, freshly chopped chiles, garlic, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, assorted fresh herbs and seasonings and more.
And the paper mills report between 60 percent and 70 percent of the paper received for recycling has been shredded.
Although mobile-shredding units can destroy thousands of pounds of documents per hour and the resulting shredded waste is commingled, it is unnecessary to reconstruct an entire document to obtain confidential data from one small particle.