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shell containing lead pellets that explodes in flight

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The large piece of shrapnel is then pulled from her tiny forehead, leaving a large gash.
In a phone call with SANA, Orfalian said he and his colleagues were injured by shrapnel from shells fired by terrorists on Family House area at the western outskirts of Aleppo city, and that he sustained a head injury from a piece of shrapnel.
It reads: "Wounded by shrapnel at Trones Wood July 30th 1916.
You could feel it through the sand and see a plume of smoke and some shrapnel in he air.
That way, even if the targeted aircraft eluded the missile or the direct effects of its blast wave, a piece of shrapnel from the cloud might be enough to damage an engine or sever fuel and hydraulic lines.
My left arm was amputated because of gangrene and a big piece of shrapnel was removed from the back of the brain.
Palestinian Medical sources reported that the European Gaza Hospital in Khan Younis received six Palestinians injured by shrapnel.
Mr Al Abbar said on the day his son was taken to hospital doctors said he suffered from shrapnel injuries to his head.
being hit by shrapnel of a bomb fired by Israeli navy targeting
He said that even if the shrapnel were travelling at a low-velocity of 100m/s, one would still not want to be hit with it, as that's the velocity of a shotgun blast.
KIEV, Ukraine -- Some people were hit by bricks or sprayed with shrapnel from stun grenades.
I also like the look of Gordon Elliott's Shrapnel in the Craddockstown Novice Chase (1.
Israeli forces also assaulted Jerusalem mufti Sheikh Mohammad Hassan and minister of Jerusalem affairs Adnan Husseini, while Fatah leader Hatem Abdel Kader was hit with shrapnel in the face.
The New South Wales (NSW) economy will grow over the next three years on the back of rising construction activity, including a raft of large public infrastructure projects, according to a report by economic forecaster BIS Shrapnel.
The unexploded British artillery shell, full of shrapnel balls, was blown up in a controlled explosion yesterday after being discovered near the popular stately home.