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shell containing lead pellets that explodes in flight

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The girl, a Grade 4 student, was taken to Capitol Medical Center after a shrapnel pierced their screen door and hit her right knee.
Ahmad Jibrel, head of the ambulance and emergency department of the Red Crescent in Nablus told WAFA that paramedic crews dealt with a shrapnel injury during clashes that erupted in Salem village with Israeli forces.
JEDDAH, Dec 14 (KUNA) -- A Saudi teenager was killed by a shrapnel of a projectile fired by Yemen's Houthis near his home in Al-Arda governorate in the southern province of Jazan, Saudi Civil Defense Forces on Thursday.
Shadi Mas'oud al-Lahham (22), who sustained a shrapnel wound to the left leg;
Tenders are invited for Tactical Anti Shrapnel Goggles
According to a source at the Police Command of Damascus Countryside, four people were injured by shrapnel of explosive bullets that hit Souq al-Hal in al-Zablatani area.
They show him at the front near Ypres, plus shrapnel which almost killed the man who was to become our greatest wartime leader.
I was hit a second time, with shrapnel in my right hip.
Many of those injured sustained shrapnel wounds in different parts of their bodies, particularly on their feet and lower respiratory parts.
You could feel it through the sand and see a plume of smoke and some shrapnel in he air.
A rocket was intercepted over Gush Dan and shrapnel landed in a park in Ramat Gan, while several families were in the park.
That way, even if the targeted aircraft eluded the missile or the direct effects of its blast wave, a piece of shrapnel from the cloud might be enough to damage an engine or sever fuel and hydraulic lines.
My left arm was amputated because of gangrene and a big piece of shrapnel was removed from the back of the brain.
Mr Al Abbar said on the day his son was taken to hospital doctors said he suffered from shrapnel injuries to his head.