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Synonyms for showpiece


Synonyms for showpiece

the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

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We are going to incorporate dragons and harps in the showpieces so that people are able to tell that our buffet has a strong Welsh influence.
Dublin has never previously staged the Amlin final, but it has hosted the Heineken showpiece on two previous occasions.
The 22-year-old Birchfield Harrier had already secured the qualifying height for July's showpiece championship in Lithuania with 1.
The six-year-old won the latter race at the showpiece meeting 12 months ago but left connections in a quandary over running plans for this year after running a fine second in the Kingwell Hurdle at Wincanton last month.
STOURBRIDGE will urge the Birmingham County Football Association to ensure that the 2009 Birmingham Senior Cup final is played at a showpiece venue.
That's the message being sent out from extrabet ahead of the Aintree showpiece this Saturday as their 'Take it Now' facility is unleashed upon the World's Greatest Race for the first time.
Saturday's Twickenham showpiece will be followed the following weekend by the Heineken Cup final against Wasps at the same venue.
Showpiece brochures, flyers, cards and property cards promote both listings and the agent.
Tomorrow is Ladies' Day at High Gosforth Park when Newcastle stages one of the North East's showpiece racing occasions.
It means the Carling final could now be the first footballing showpiece at the new ground.
Don't worry Saab-ites, this concept isn't about to roll out of Trollhatten, rather it is a technology showpiece developed by Swedish auto supplier SKF(www.
When male spotted bowerbirds collect sticks and other doodads to wow females, these natural interior decorators don't search for the rare showpiece, according to a new study.
Desmoulin also shows an intelligent affinity for materials that elevates and transforms this provincial museum into a modest civic showpiece.
But the players' action does not mean they will not play in rugby's showpiece event during November and December.
This is a terrific showpiece for the pianist who loves to explore exotic sounds, experiment with subtle shadings and pedaling, and create a stylized tableau with careful articulation and voicing control.