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Synonyms for showman

Synonyms for showman

a person skilled at making effective presentations

a sponsor who books and stages public entertainments

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It will be some five or ten minutes," said the Showman, "before I shall want a fresh Bear, and it looks to me as if prices would fall during that time.
But the Showman passed on, in maiden meditation, fancy free, and being joined soon afterward by the Bear, who was absently picking his teeth, it was inferred that they were not unacquainted.
Tope, Chief Verger and Showman, and accustomed to be high with excursion parties, declines with a silent loftiness to perceive that any suggestion has been tendered to him.
Nothing national is exhibited for money; and no public officer is a showman.
cried the detective, with the air of a showman exhibiting his show.
The showman that he is 'With a back catalogue as large as Elton's, it's a wonder the star is able to sustain the enthusiasm as he belts out hit after hit.
He was America's greatest circus showman in the late Victorian age.
REVIEW Barnum GRAND THEATRE, WOLVERHAMPTON WHO better to perform the role of the world's greatest showman in this colourful musical than the much loved Brian Conley.
Relying on diplomatic sources, the Libertas web portal says that the government, pressed by foreign diplomats, will most probably start getting rid of the "services" of the showman Milenko Nedelkoski.
Showman Jamie Clark said he was delighted The Hoppings was back.
35pm A Las Vegas showman agrees to become an FBI informant and dish the dirt on a big-time mobster.
SHELBY Holmes has made studying among the dreaming spires of Oxford University a reality - a first for a woman from the Showman community.
SWISS conductor Philippe Jordan is obviously a natural showman.
Summary: Fans of broadcasting legend Sir Jimmy Savile have been paying their respects to the man they describe as "a showman right till the end.
Give me wee Frankie Cocozza any day of the week - now there is a showman.