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with ostentation

in a fancy colorful manner

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Why half-baked knowledge had to be paraded so showily as hard fact?
Space--we see as Jones zooms ahead a century or back half of one, a frequent disruptive act performed on a narrative which nonetheless remains comprehensible--is no mere natural, a-temporal, a-historical container: the novel can move freely, confidently, almost showily through time.
This is a self-protection taken up showily, with a certain amount of smugness.
Hubert Beauchamp's gift of a silver cup filled with gold coins-romantically grandiose, showily pretentious to begin with--degenerates, like his plantation, to a tin coffee pot full of IOUs, Ike's other, farcically presented, heritage.
She talks pure Ebonics, without really pretending to be black as such; her body language isn't showily Afro, her mannerisms don't cry out for acceptance.
Gudrun showily complies: "'Bismarck is a mystery, Bismarck, c'est un mystere, der Bismarck, er ist ein Wunder,' said Gudrun, in mocking incantation" (237).
publicity materials) will be hard-pressed to discern their authorial signature here, apart from the script's fondness for wackily exotic names, a few stretches of showily overwritten dialogue and a slightly misanthropic streak that's been displayed with more sharpness and flair in their other films.
After she failed to appear before the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee when summoned, its members somewhat showily subpoenaed Shoffner.
The Dubai-owned stable has nominated four horses, led by exciting Ebor Handicap winner Willing Foe, for the November 6 showpiece that the Aussies showily refer to as "The Race that Stops the Nation.
You'll get fine views from the showily posh Lodge at Whitefish Lake; its Boat Club lounge ($$) serves terrific ribs.
Case in point: last winter I bought a coat originally marked $130 but showily price-slashed to $49.
She has a goodway, even just oneto-one, of telling a story, not showily but really enthusiastically.
Like a Trump skyscraper, Houston the singer was as showily dominant as corporate capitalism itself.
He became a preening young swell--a contemporary described him as "very showily attired in a dark bottle-green frock-coat, the front of which was almost covered with glittering chains, and in fancy-pattern pantaloons.
Much like the first song, this ending statement is showily adorned with rapid chord changes over every syllable of "a KAMAAINA to you now," and the "now" is also aligned with the necessary concluding major chord.