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booth for washing yourself, usually in a bathroom

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class="MsoNormalIt is also in this small locker room, which had only two shower stalls and one toilet stall (all serving as changing stalls), that I encountered people walking around half-naked or changing in the open.
Our shower room used to have two shower stalls. But after remodeling two years ago, one walk-in/roll-in shower unit was installed.
An integrally colored and stained "shower plaster" coats the walls and shower stall. The dense white plaster, which was developed for periodic exposure to water, has a smooth-troweled finish sealed with protective coating.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Decor boarding removed and wall covering started from fresh, shower stall to be securely fixed, operation of the sliding door improved, whole area finished to an acceptable standard and attention to the fittings and finishes to the water tank in the loft.
A We found a spray-on product called Johnny Grip that you can apply to shower stalls, bathtubs and tiles to create a nonslip surface.
The shower stall had been removed for our move to Moose Lake, a mile away.
A paper shopping bag, an old shower stall (plumbed with running water), a bathroom sink and mirror, and a casement window are each animated with grainy film loops that complete their sculptural containers in some logical or fanciful way.
Price testified that he thought Gregory Love was making a sexual advance by looking into his shower stall. Love who said he is not gay, told the jury he merely mistook Price for his roommate.
Products include Oriented Strand Board, a material made from strands of wood oriented at right angles and bonded together by a soy adhesive, Environ biocomposite (mentioned earlier), soy-based resin for PVC pipe, a toilet seat adhesive made from soy-based resin, sink resins, numerous bath and body plus hair care products from soybeans, soy-based cleaning products, soy-based polyurethane carpet backing and soy-based fabric dye mentioned earlier, and soy-based resin for producing molded plastic pieces such as a shower stall.
It turns out, a curtain billows and clings because a shower stall is what engineers call a "driven cavity." Imagine the tub bottom as a moving treadmill.
The design of the mosaic tiled floor in her roll-in shower stall was inspired by the ancient baths of Pompeii, and is slightly sloped for efficient drainage.
Call it the case of the disappearing shower stall. First, the shower and the tub separated.
Shake it up and spray your shower stall and tub with it.
"If you must be seated, the spray needs to be moved higher or farther into the shower stall," Tannenbaum says.
The more than 20 allegations reportedly include switching medication, removing ID bracelets from residents with Alzheimer's, feeding chocolate to diabetics, telling residents that replacement workers would harm or kill them, gluing shut the door to an oxygen-tank storage room, and smearing feces in a shower stall.