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a curtain that keeps water from splashing out of the shower area

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50, Mibo IF you can't go kitsch with a shower curtain, what's the world come to?
The iPad Musical Shower Curtain has a waterproof pocket that zips closed from the outside to ensure an iPad stays safe from moisture.
Splashblade is a device which can be fitted in minutes and prevents water escaping past shower curtains and onto the bathroom floor.
Choose natural materials and polyvinyl chloride--free plastics instead of plastic shower curtains or tub/shower mats; they often contain PVC plastic, which can release carcinogenic phthalates.
Including towels, a shower curtain, an embroidered and appliqued rug and shower-curtain hooks, Chirp is geared to appeal to the younger Lenox customer.
Kahn's projects include brightly colored vinyl makeup bags with vintage plastic charm zipper pulls, a shower curtain tote (a funky fabric tote made from a shower curtain), an elegant evening clutch made from satin ribbon adorned with a rhinestone earring clasp, and a no-sew candy-wrapper coin purse.
BRIGHTEN up a bathroom with a funky shower curtain.
Check out a fab shower curtain called "Spiral" (ref T36-0122) - with its white background and black spiral design it's priced at just pounds 5.
I lost my balance and tumbled out of the shower stall, taking the shower curtain with me.
In addition to these three cases, there was also the bizarre case in Yellowknife where a man watched his wife hang herself with a shower curtain, following a night of drinking.
Only the sound of the shower curtain falling into the bath woke the man as there were no working smoke alarms in the house.
On the shower curtain was projected a video of a young woman named Adrienne who volunteered an intimate account of her ordeals growing up in foster care.
1 plastic 3-gallon lawn/garden sprayer (should cost under $20) 2 vinyl shower curtains About 20 plastic shower curtain rings
YOUR shower curtain could become the centre piece of your bathroom if you invest in the ripple shower curtain, pounds 9.