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a curtain that keeps water from splashing out of the shower area

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If an animal on the shower curtain is touched, the roar, chirp or other sound associated with that specific animal is played.
Toothbrush holders, soap dishes, cups and lotion pumps were at the top, and wastebaskets, shower curtains and rugs, if they were part of the grouping, were organized on the bottom.
Those neutral tones are echoed in shower curtains, rugs and towels, as well as wall paint.
The collection also has a matching vinyl shower curtain and bath towel.
The Halee collection, by Springs, was photographed with all of its coordinating pieces -- toothbrush holder, soap dish, tumbler, shower curtain, wastebasket and a matching rug -- scattered around a bath.
Joseph Abboud Environments Citadel Shower Curtain, $39.
Also included in the collection are heat-transfer towels, a panel-print shower curtain and a bath mat.
Another collection, Kiwi, features palm leaves on a cotton duck shower curtain and stonewear accessories.
Lichtenberg is entering the freestanding shower curtain business this market, under the direction of Karen Wertz, director of product development for shower curtains.
Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco International's former chief executive officer, used company money to buy a $6,000 shower curtain, along with other notable niceties.
Real bamboo is used in the tissue box and waste basket of Palmetto, a new bath coordinate line that also includes ceramic accessories, a cotton shower curtain, embroidered terry towels and a printed bath mat with a textured surface that emulates a bamboo weave.
The water-color floral collection included an iridescent shower curtain and ceramic hand-painted accessories with an iridescent glaze.
99, Zara Home This goldfishprint shower curtain will bring a splash of colour to the bathroom.