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a tight cap worn to keep hair dry while showering

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The In Transit range of products includes a reviving shower gel, shampoo and rebalancing conditioner, as well as a shower cap and vanity kits.
The Nail Spa is aiming to put a cap on cancer, a shower cap that is.
And this toucan-shaped shower cap will not only ensure that your quiff's buoyancy won't be dampened, but you'll also look positively resplendent should anyone walk in on you mid-wash.
95 by room it up, shower cap by Bella II Fiore, $16.
You should also wear a shower cap on your head to protect your hair from the falling tiles and adhesive.
In Palestine, recruits were used to having him come out of the shower to give them orders, wearing nothing but a shower cap, and continuing to scrub himself with a shower brush.
DID someone ever advise you to wear a shower cap while cooking to help you protect your new haircut?
General advice to avoid otitis externa Try to avoid getting your affected ear wet - for example, by wearing a shower cap while showering and bathing.
Eco-Friendly Shower Cap - Protects hair from moisture, debris, paint, dust and liquids; ideal for hotels, contractors and industrial usage
Wearing his Curious George T-shirt and a painted shower cap, Dr.
Brought the wife some nice things back though: shower gel, couple of bars of soap, conditioner, a darning kit and shower cap.
Perfect for travel, it contains 15 amenities--shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, bath gel, shaving cream, mouthwash, shower cap, vanity kit, sewing kit, make-up remover, spot and stain remover, lens cleaner, shoe mitt, and lint remover-in a clear zippered pouch.
A student doubling as a rat and a snowflake missed her exit when the shower cap underneath her rat head slipped over her eyes.
But when we have a gentleman wearing a nigh tie and a shower cap, criticising two organisations that are trying to promote Wales, it only highlights how narrow-minded some people can be.
So, with the hotel room to myself, I danced around in a towel and shower cap.