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Synonyms for showcase


Synonyms for showcase

a setting in which something can be displayed to best effect

a glass container used to store and display items in a shop or museum or home

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Secure Branch - Showcasing the Juniper Networks Secure Services Gateways, J-series routers, WX application acceleration platforms, NetScreen firewall and virtual private network (FW/VPN) appliances, and the NetScreen-Security Manager;
Extended Enterprise and Next-Generation Remote Access - Showcasing the Juniper Networks Secure Access secure sockets layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) appliances, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) appliances, DX data center acceleration platforms, and AAA solutions;
Nahava will be showcasing solutions focused on providing structure to unstructured content, enabling large organizations to cost effectively migrate legacy data into content centric applications like CMS and Portal.
Softlinx is showcasing the 100% Sun Solaris Fax Server with Java Fax API; Fax Archiving to Central Document Repository for Compliance; and Rule-based Email Capture and Filing solutions.
E[acute accent]--Apdex is showcasing its products for performance across applications and two Apdex Alliance members are announcing demos of this new metric
Deloitte Consulting is showcasing the systems and processes required to create a branded voice and data wireless service using the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) approach.
Freescale Semiconductor - showcasing a cellular phone with capabilities to wirelessly transfer MP3 files or digital photos taken with the phone to a laptop
This year, the conference is also showcasing a live VPLS network whereby conference attendees will personally become part of a VPLS instance and experience applications such as Internet access, video streaming, and access to conference proceedings as well as recorded sessions over a VPLS network supporting multiple classes of service.
We see our participation in the Speech Solutions Challenge as a great opportunity to demonstrate the ease of use, flexibility and power of our voice platform and we look forward to showcasing Edify technologies that have enabled us to successfully implement strategic speech applications for leading organizations around the world.
MFHA "Showcase of the Stars" features successful individuals from all segments of the industry, showcasing how they climbed the ranks and the various positions and opportunities available in the hospitality industry.
Motorola will demonstrate its leadership by showcasing two J2ME technology-enabled multiple-communication handsets and a variety of software applications.
According to Lisa Tenner, founder of EAT'M, "In an effort to provide even greater opportunities for showcasing talent, the number of performing bands will be reduced this year so that attending A&R executives, publishers, agents, managers and bookers can see more of the bands.
Javits Center, will introduce the highly successful "Consumer Showcase," a hands-on special interest environment showcasing the latest home computing and consumer applications for the iMac and the entire Mac industry.