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Synonyms for showcase


Synonyms for showcase

a setting in which something can be displayed to best effect

a glass container used to store and display items in a shop or museum or home

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Hanson, a professional fashion photographer, whose work regularly appears in Marie Claire, Vogue, and Glamour, among others, and the author of a new book, Boys, a powerful follow-up to Girls, showcases her collection of "Dogs," highlighting their humorous and often human-like qualities.
Juniper Networks will showcase its industry-leading portfolio of networking and security solutions at its Interop Booth #1249, May 2-4.
CHICAGO -- BridgePort Networks, Commoca, VeriSign, First Cellular, IMC and PCTEL Bring Seamless Mobile and Wi-Fi Voice Roaming Showcase to New Orleans
Companies exhibiting at Macworld Boston are preparing to showcase the latest hardware, software and accessories for the Macintosh and related products.
TOYchallenge showcases the best of engineering, engaging the minds and hearts of some of this country's best young students.
Companies wishing to participate in either the DigitalFocus or MobileFocus showcases at the "Holiday Spectacular" event may contact Chris O'Malley at 561-731-5270 (chris@pepcom.
TM) technology showcase will be CeBIT America's Official Media Event, and will have the full endorsement and support of the CeBIT fair management.
the world's leading tech event organizer, announces a series of major enhancements to the 8th Annual Maryland Technology Showcase (MTS).
Product Showcase allows cable advertisers to launch tiers of on-demand content, such as 'do-it-yourself' home repair videos, real estate showcases, healthcare education, cooking ideas, and automotive "test-drives.
The Environmental Showcase Home, which was completed in 1994 in northeast Phoenix, showcases many of the environmentally sensitive building materials and home products on the market.
The Magazine-of-the-Month ePod showcases are two theme-based mini-Web stores placed on affiliate sites.
The Member Showcases have been created to allow SSPA Members to present a company program, which they are willing to share with others in the support industry.
The success of the showcases is indisputable, with signings including Slipknot to I AM Recordings, produced by Ross Robinson; Mytown to the Universal Music Group; and most recently, Lefty to Interscope.
Alcatel's long-standing commitment to open standards and interoperability between the many suppliers of ADSL systems can also be seen in the exhibit, which showcases how various vendors and ADSL standards work together seamlessly and transparently to the user.