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Synonyms for show-stopper

an act so striking or impressive that the show must be delayed until the audience quiets down

something that is strikingly attractive or has great popular appeal

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But everyone was holding out for show-stopper Robbie.
German mass manufacturer Volkswagen may not boast the same exclusivity, but the latest offering is a show-stopper nonetheless.
Reilly play guitar-strumming cowpokes with a taste for raunchy jokes but no home on the range, and Kevin Kline's ex-private eye Guy Noir now guards the stage door against all manner of threats, including tycoon and show-stopper Tommy Lee Jones, who has come to bury rather than praise Keillor and gang.
It's a real show-stopper for the young singer who is based in Sion Mills and who comes from Raphoe.
He tells of doing an "entire concert," including "Love for Sale," his show-stopper from Torch Song, but didn't think it would go any further.
While this soulful ballad was a show-stopper during the band's last four years in concert, this final version is unique.
The colt's participation in the Australian show-stopper on November 2 had been in the balance since he finished last of four in the Geoffrey Freer Stakes at New- bury a fortnight ago.
Wilkins was a show-stopper in the "Schnofler Tanz," a portrait of a happily introspective maiden.
Remixes also perpetuate the legacy of '70s dance music in a host of updated versions of standards such as Candi Staton's "Young Hearts Run Free" (remade by Respect featuring Hannah Jones) or the Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand epic "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)" (reworked hugely successfully this year by Kym Mazelle and Jocelyn Brown), or the old Dreamgirls show-stopper "And I Am Telling You" (astoundingly rerecorded by Donna Giles).
Custer, "The real show-stopper at our exhibit was the Syspower(TM) display.
This is not a problem in many consumer uses, but is another show-stopper for using flash in applications that must be frequently rewritten, such as computer main memories or the buffer memories in networks or storage systems.
BOTTOMS UP Model bares all yesterday at London Fashion Week Picture: REX FEATURES; NETTED Mesh cardigan; SHOW-STOPPER Peaches Geldof
Some of the show-stopper numbers like The Sun In The Morning and You Can't Get A Man With A Gun make you sit up and take notice - but in general this is a show that runs like a well-oiled machine without actually offering the tingle that would lift it up a notch.
She retained the song's inspirational message as she toughened up the melody and, in the second half of the tune, pushed it out of its solemnity and into show-stopper terrain.
But it's the headlong charge of My Neighbour's House that's the show-stopper, a political pop-rock anthem that asks tough questions about conscience.