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those involved in providing entertainment: radio and television and films and theater

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Actress turned director/writer Denise Filiatrault, herself a renowned Quebec show-biz figure, imagines Robi as the kind of brilliant individualist who pays a high price for wanting to live her life in cinemascope.
Maybe not the most attractive show-biz legend, though, as Ari represents just about everything crude and vulgar people imagine an agent to be.
The man who launched a million karaoke moments and at least a dozen tribute bands - some of whom are actually making a living - has a long-standing reputation for dramatic show-biz gestures.
Think Lise aka Liz's show-biz roots are a dirty little secret?
As Ephron, who shares screenwriting credit on the movie with sister Delia and Ferrell's writing partner Adam McKay, homes in on show-biz pettiness and eccentricities, the movie springs to life.
I'm Alan Partridge'' offered a second series five years later, which found the show-biz survivor rebounding, just a smidgen, after a breakdown.
And those conservative critics just angered the public by spoiling ``Baby's'' big dramatic payoff, a rare populist win for show-biz lefties.
The joke, about a show-biz family whose act involves a laundry list of shocking behavior that grows more jaw-dropping depending on the comedian relating the anecdote (the film's title is the joke's admittedly wan punch line), was reputed to be Carson's favorite gag.
5 MILLION FOR SHOW-BIZ RETIREES: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has pledged a record $5 million to the Woodland Hills-based Motion Picture & Television Fund to implement programs aimed at keeping show-biz retirees well, safe and in their own homes for as long as possible.
Touted as a new-found haven for tourists, insomniacs, nightlifers, suburbanites revisiting Hollywood and the hip show-biz crowd, its French name means ``rascals'' or ``mischievous ones.
Contestants look to start their show-biz careers with a bang in ``Next Action Star'' on NBC.
The Young Lions (1958): Featuring that trio of dedicated Method actors - Brando, Clift and, um, Dean Martin - this admittedly overlong film follows a Nazi (Brando), a GI Jew (Clift) and a show-biz gold-bricker (Martin) whose paths eventually cross at a concentration camp.