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a setting in which something can be displayed to best effect


a window of a store facing onto the street

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She'll show Windows in the Kitchen (1976) with Douglas Dunn dancing live alongside the late Matt Turney on film.
AUO also stresses the multi-functionality of the transparent display panel, which is applicable in construction, car windows, consumer electronics, household appliances, show windows and so forth, being optimistic about its potential as trendsetting commercial display; while also planning to promote the product to Apple Inc.
On the way, you'll cross Canada's oldest continuously run farmer's market, boutique show windows flaunting mannequins with pendulous breasts, cafes with outdoor patios, and such charmingly named pubs as 'The Pour House'.
The bookstores have removed the books and hot selling magazines to create space for the greeting cards in show windows.
Customers also license the Direct Show Windows CE drivers and V4L2 based Linux drivers for the reference design.
Show windows of the shop impressed me with the variety of souvenirs.
These two served as the store's only show windows until others were added in the 1890s.
On Dante Street in the Latin Corner, more than 10 manga stores are lined up, with their show windows packed with Japanese cartoons and figures of characters in animated cartoons.
Having made their mark with boutiques sectioned off in large department stores or with limestone facades and classy show windows sandwiched between other stores on urban streets, the in-house architects, Eric Carlson and David McNulty, made a pivotal decision that gave the company a surprising new corporate architectural identity, uniquely Japanese, that is now travelling well to New York and other international locales.
The Eastman Kodak Company happened upon Parks' first photographs and began displaying them in company show windows.
Lord and Taylor recently utilized the company's expertise to refurbish outdoor show windows that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace.
He took a swipe at the latest TCO studies that show Windows is less costly than Linux, which Microsoft has been citing in its latest advertising campaigns.
Right: Rackhams imaginative displays also caused wide-spread interest as window dressers would spend weeks working behind blinds on their impressive show windows.
Advertisers may routinely lock in Olympic prospects at the trial stage, covering their bets at the win, place and show windows.
Meanwhile, Talbot's, a locally owned department store, transformed eight show windows with designer displays.