show up

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Synonyms for show up

appear or become visible

be or become visible or noticeable


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The show ups the tension by creating competition between three different logging companies to see who can earn the most from their mountain.
Based on the award-winning BBC TV series of the same name, this show ups the ante by having the dinosaurs pace, roar, snarl and fight almost at eye level.
The show ups the cerebral ante from the strip while retaining the same basic setup and characters.
7 Mike Bidlo (Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York) Obsession to the nth degree is what we've come to expect from Bidlo's worshipfully exact replications of everything from Guernica to Warhol's Bonwit Teller windows, but this show ups the ante.
Research shows moving one slot nearer the end of the show ups the chance of being safe from elimination by 5%.