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a trial held for show

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At the beginning of the meeting, the Head of State emphasized: Todays agenda provides for the approval of a sanction list of individuals who organized show trial of Nadiya Savchenko.
As I became increasingly familiar with Romm and Bukhartsev, I came to believe that a book that analyzed the 1937 show trial from their perspectives could prove nearly as immersive.
His lawyer, Toby Cadman, said on Sunday: "The trial process has been shown to be nothing short of a political show trial.
They added that prosecuting a defendant for trying to defend himself 'epitomises the very definition of a Kafka-esque show trial.
Ms Tymoshenko was jailed for seven years last year after what supporters claim was a show trial.
The aim is to shatter all doubts of a show trial against innocent people.
This handbook contains 70 model examinations to show trial lawyers how to deal with practical evidentiary issues in such areas as direct, cross-examination and redirect, depositions and interrogatories, documents, demonstrative and real evidence, opinions of the lay witness or expert, prior inconsistent statement, and others.
After the disputed June presidential election that prompted mass demonstrations, the Iranian government staged a show trial of at least 100 prominent reformist politicians, journalists and protesters.
When it was announced that the 9-11 masterminds were to be tried in a civilian criminal court in New York, those opposed to this action mentioned that it would be a show trial and would allow the terrorists to put the United States on trial.
Foreign Secretary David Miliband was "deeply concerned" at the possibility of a show trial after chief analyst Hossein Rassam was formally accused of acting against national security.
What I can say is that this is a show trial and a piece of bad theatre, and that point needs to be made," he said.
Paul Scotney's 'hardman' reputation has been severely dented, but the message he has been sending out must not be weakened in the wake of this botched show trial.
THE smugness and self-congratulatory arrogance displayed by the British media over the decision by Iraq's show trial court to hang Saddam disgusts me.
The trial of Charles I was not a show trial moving towards a preordained conclusion; the outcome was genuinely in doubt until the final day.
The case against CRI, she said, was a political show trial, designed to ignite fear and silence, opposition, and to create political compliance.