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the point in time at which an entertainment (a movie or television show etc

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"Bing's Picnic" will join the line-up of daily live shows in Big Fun Show Time, an entertainment and picnic space at the heart of CBeebies Land in Alton Towers Theme Park.
Tables that show time are versioned tables, and they show how using them lowers the cost and increases the value of temporal data, data that shows change through time.
SHOW TIME: Yoko Ono with son Sean Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney with fiancee Nancy Shevell and George Harrison's son Dhani with his mum Olivia
New products include Sky Rise lengthening mascara formulated with lift and stretch technology that immediately extends lashes up to 60%; City Curls curling mascara, which uses a unique curved brush to provide even application and prevent clumping and caking; Show Time volumizing mascara, which employs what Coty calls volume matrix technology to boost lash thickness by up to eight times; Show Time volumizing waterproof mascara with a flexible polymer system; High Definition separating mascara with precision lash technology; and High Definition volumizing mascara with dual response technology.
Hundreds of Erbil residents experience their first circus at Martyr Sami Abdul-Rahman Park, but the low number of circus attendees disappoints organizers."Show time in five minutes.
At show time, Danfoss Turbocor was said to have just come out with a model for chillers of 200 to 300 tons.
* It's Show Time, video, 2002, 15 min., VideoLearning Systems (800-622-3610,, VHS $695, DVD $795.
Show time. ..Some of the cast from an Ysgol Edmwnd Prys,Blaenau Ffestiniog production
But five minutes before show time on this early October morning, it's clear that Causey and Majerus haven't had much practice working the phone lines.
Two CalCPA members carried the results for the 55th annual Emmy Awards down the red carpet at show time. Mel Mesuda and Andy Sale, partners with Ernst & Young's Media and Entertainment division, were charged with keeping the results secure, and making sure those envelopes reach the dais.
A teen learns an important lesson in life from a circus performer in "Show Time," while "Looking Out for Dayna" deals with the subject of homelessness.
Then it was show time. In May, four CRHG residents--Mock, Florence Cooney, Harriett Levine and Connie Sturgis--took the stage in the "Early Bird Special" at the Chicago Improv Festival, one of the nation's largest annual events dedicated strictly to the art of improvisation.
What the switch in control will change is the "show time" aspects of the Senate process.
He saw the kid tear around the bases until he reached third and then suddenly decided it was show time. He started waving his hands and wiggling his hips and going into a suggestive dance right out of an old NFL playbook.