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Synonyms for show



be visible


  • be visible
  • be seen
  • be obvious
  • be in view
  • be revealed


  • be invisible

turn up



show off


show someone up

show something up

Synonyms for show

to come into view

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

to make known or identify, as by signs

to give a precise indication of, as on a register or scale

to be performed


show up: to come to a particular place

an act of showing or displaying

an impressive or ostentatious exhibition

a large public display, as of goods or works of art

Synonyms for show

something intended to communicate a particular impression

pretending that something is the case in order to make a good impression

give an exhibition of to an interested audience

establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment

indicate a place, direction, person, or thing

be or become visible or noticeable


Related Words

indicate a certain reading

give evidence of, as of records

take (someone) to their seats, as in theaters or auditoriums

finish third or better in a horse or dog race

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Pooled television film crews inside the media had agreed not to show faces of any seated family members during the service itself.
In fact, the TV screen is scaled perfectly to show faces in one-on-one or small group dialogue (no doubt why most television shots are people in close-up).
Pattinson and Stewart were directed to show faces of "ecstasy.
The show faces stiff competition from Downton on ITV1, which last year proved more popular than EastEnders.
BIRMINGHAM'S flagship flower show faces its second relocation this year after it was found a planned venue had already been booked for filming of the BBC drama Hustle.
Shelley Rees, who plays Stacey Jones in S4C's Pobol y Cwm, became involved in RookwoodHospital's Spur campaign when her character in the show faces paralysis after a car accident.
While the media portrays the masked face of a bomber, it should also show faces of people who spread positivity in Pakistan," Ashraf said, adding that it is unfortunate that the world does not give Pakistan credit for its positive moves and only promotes a negative image.
LAST ONE The show faces the axe for ever, if the rumours are true, so enjoy it as Danny (right) prepares to leave Leopard's Den.