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someone who pushes


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Shover will not only monitor and track the financial health and performance of the region, but will also partner with Frontier's organisational leaders to drive critical business initiatives and strategic solutions to support Frontier priorities, the company added.
In the 1950s, Shover's father, Bill Shover, headed the community and corporate affairs department at The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News.
A more varied mix of inspector behaviors than these two polar opposites is suggested by case descriptions of enforcement in different settings by Braithwaite (1985), Hawkins (1984), Hutter (1989, 1997), Kitamura (2000), Richardson, Ogus, and Burrows (1983), and Shover and colleagues (1984).
3; Michele Shover, "John Bidwell: Reluctant Indian Fighter, 1852-1856," Dogtown Territorial Quarterly (Winter 1998): 32-56; Shover, "The Politics of the 1859 Bidwell-Kibbe Campaign: Northern California Indian-Settler Conflicts of the 1850s," Dogtown Territorial Quarterly (Summer 1999): 4-39; Reports from the Senate Finance Committee, on Senate Bill No.
For background on Chico's anti-Chinese movement, see Shover, supra note 78, at 223-43.
For discussion of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, see Murphy [19551, Shover [1965], and Perkins [1965, 1969].
Williams, "Regulatory Attitudes and Behavior: The Case of Surface Mining Regulation," Western Political Quarterly 41 (June 1988): 323-340; and Neal Shover, John Lynxwiler, Stephen Groce, and Donald Clelland, "Regional Variation in Regulatory Law Enforcement: The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977," Enforcing Regulation, eds.
In-paper promotion/public relations, printed materials/public relations or internal communications: Gary Halloway, Cox Arizona; Linda Coulson, Martz Agency; and Lisa Shover, K Group.
Shover, First Majority, Last Minority: The Transformation of Rural Life in America (De Kalb, Ill.
We signed our first lease for a Chicago-based freight consolidation facility 10 years ago, and that building was 30,000 square feet, said Eric Shover, vice president of North America global forwarding, C.
This conceptualization of rational choice has been extended by acknowledging that external factors can limit decision making outcomes (Cromwell & Olson, 2006; Shover & Honaker, 2006).
I have always loathed the way a microphone is stuck straight into a jockey's face as soon as he or she has pulled up and long for the day when a jockey tells the microphone- shover to shove off.
7, at 22192 Fisk Road in Noti for Blanche Shover Martin-Johnson of Springfield.
See also Andrew Newton, Compliance Is Not Enough: Getting the Ethical Culture Right in Your Firm (2001); Neal Shover and Andy Hochstetler, 'Cultural Explanation and Organizational Crime' (2002) 37 Crime, Law and Social Change 1.