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someone who pushes


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3) See generally MARUNA, supra note; NEAL SHOVER, GREAT PRETENDERS: PURSUITS AND CAREERS OF PERSISTENT THIEVES (1996); Farrall, supra note; Giordano et al.
They were just loading up police cars,'' Shover said.
Shover is being held in the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction in West Boylston in lieu of $10,000 cash bail.
E[acute accent]The Easter Seals Jayne Shover Center in Elgin (799 S.
The Easter Seals Jayne Shover Center in Elgin, a state-funded office, medical and conference facility that was just expanded and renovated in 2000, will be sold at auction on July 20 by Inland Real Estate Auctions, Inc.
She is past Chairman of the Board of the Easter Seals Jayne Shover Legacy Society.
We chose Compliance Label Manager because of its ability to dynamically print bar code labels at supplier shipping sites over the Web," stated Brian Shover at Uponor Wirsbo, a leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems.
Councilmember Charlotte Shover (Show-ver) did not seek re-election.
It could be during a frustrating meeting at work, or when you're exhausted after a few too many sleepless nights, or when the pushers and shovers on your hurried commute finally seem too much to bear.
Some added their own ingredients, such as the Finns spicing up their pasties with rutabaga, according to Montana Historical Society researcher Brian Shovers.
We have a whole ministry in Bahrain devoted to "Follow-Up," and they simply need to get more pushers and shovers who won't be fobbed off with bureaucratic excuses and non-performance.
Investigating older adults' perception of their self-esteem seems to reveal no gender differences in their perceptions (Franzoi & Koehler, 1998; Kling, Hyde, Shovers, & Buswell, 1999; Wilcox, Bopp, Oberrecht, Kammermann, & McElmurray, 2003).
The strike began in Chicago on Tuesday, July 24, with railroad workers, but quickly spread to lumber shovers on the southwest side, the saw mill and planing mill men, iron workers, brass finishers, carpenters, brickmakers, bricklayers, stonemasons, furniture makers, polishers, shoemakers, tailors, painters, glaziers, butchers, and others, and their crowds were joined by thousands of the unemployed.
Combined with MSI's existing solutions for mobile field service, inspections, audits and sales we can now provide our existing and new clients with a complete solution for service and workforce automation needs," according to Harvey Shovers, President of MSI Data.