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small harmless hammerhead having a spade-shaped head

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Ah, the gun, every bit as technically up-to-date as a Harley Shovelhead, with the sleek lines of a bullet-hole Buick Roadmaster after three coats of hand-rubbed wax and a final polish that only comes from pure love.
These include the Panhead in 1948, the Flathead in 1952, the Ironhead for the 1957 Sportster, the Shovelhead in 1966, the Blockhead for the aluminum Evolution engine in 1984, and the Fathead for the twin-cam 1,450 cc engine in 1999.
The piece was based on a 1970 Harley Shovelhead, but morphed into "a fantasy bike," Girard said.
Through nine solid tracks, the band blasted through a fresh-sounding mix of straight-up metal and hard-core, tapping the spirits of its forebears Eastcide and Forcedfed Shovelhead, two of the linchpin bands in the metal scene that took hold in the city in the mid-'90s.
Max Schaaf and his illogically convoluted 1969 Shovelhead Harley Davidson are the cover subjects of Big Twin MC magazine.
The shovelheads on a basement wall in his Sterling home could be a family, albeit a hard-headed one, from the woman with a B on her hat (a steel-headed Boston fan) to the Blondie-inspired figure with pink earrings and curly locks.