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Synonyms for shovelful

the quantity a shovel can hold

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You may want to put a shovelful or two in a 15-gallon plastic bucket, fill it with water, let it stand for a week until it becomes the color of strong tea, then irrigate plants with the elixir.
A stone projectile point, thousands of years old, was found in the first shovelful. A lead tag belonging to blacksmith Amos Ellis, which corresponded to an 1801 record of sale for house windows, was found in the homestead foundation.
Every shovelful of that rich organic matter you add to the garden boosts your soil's ability to hold water.
Gilmour once recalled, 'He took drugs by the shovelful.' He later turned his back on the music industry, becoming a hermit, living in Cambridge.
In the open garden I try to remember to cover the rhizomes with a shovelful of mulch for winter protection.
"When we find it we could be scooping them out by the shovelful."
Loosen the bottom and add a shovelful or two of organic matter, such as compost.
In the fall, Martha Gach says, her family in Iowa has to haul them out of their cellar by the shovelful.
For this purpose, I mix five shovelfuls of garden soil, two shovelfuls of finished compost, and one shovelful of perlite.
'Headbourne Hybrids' are hardy enough in the garden with a shovelful of woodshavings to protect the crowns in the coldest winters.
The bell tumbled out of a shovelful of dirt being removed by a small excavator from beneath the church sanctuary.
Into the hole I place a shovelful of litter from my henhouse.
In their natural habitat, their roots don't get too wet, so a shovelful of grit in the planting mixture gives them the drainage they like.
I heed the many warnings from medical personnel (and my family) and haven't lifted a shovelful of snow for some time.
I used a soaker hose for irrigation, covered each spud with a little shovelful of dirt and composted horse manure and mulched with old hay.