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the quantity a shovel can hold

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Every digging project -- even something as simple as installing a mailbox, building a deck or planting a tree -- warrants a call to Pennsylvania 8-1-1 before the first shovelful of dirt is turned.
I throw a shovelful of dirt over that, pour in about a pint of water, and sow four squash seeds.
The wind kicked up and the entire shovelful ended up in my face, all over my body and back where it came from.
Two lawsuits, one judicial appeal and even a new state legislation had been spawned by a 900-foot-long, nine-story project along Boca Raton's primary thoroughfare, even before the first shovelful of dirt was turned.
Grady's cookies," he said and scooped up another shovelful.
When the winter arrived, which was one of the worst of the century, our job then included standing on the back of an open truck, throwing a mixture of sharp sand and rock salt on the road, a shovelful at a time.
Dig still packs an emotional punch, though one less shovelful of shrillness would not have gone amiss.
The first test was simple: I stuffed a loaded magazine in each rifle in turn, closed the dustcover, dropped the rifle on the ground and shoveled some good top-soil onto it--a shovelful onto the receiver and a shovelful onto the handguards to get some in at the piston system.
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The barman put another shovelful of coal on the fire.
Akele says he did nothing but water the plant and put the odd shovelful of horse dung on it.
It is believed by all of us through our elders that every shovelful you turn here in Atlantic Canada has the soul of our ancestors.
I would like to say to Tom Ansell, let them without sin throw the first shovelful.
Howell and Lowe's executives as the first shovelful of dirt was unearthed at 661 Veterans Road West in Staten Island.