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Synonyms for shovelful

the quantity a shovel can hold

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Before purchasing compost, ask the seller for a sample; one shovelful of compost will suffice.
I don't know where they took the bin but it was definitely not Springbank Road, and we have not received one shovelful of sand on the road.
I remember her holding her feet over a shovelful of hot coals liberally sprinkled with salt in a vain attempt to relieve the pain.
A few days later, this hole had about half a shovelful of tarmac placed in it, just enough to smooth out the bottom.
The square boxes on wheelbarrows of the day had high sides, requiring the man with the shovel to lift each shovelful high in the air to fill the thing.
The second because of the potman's habit of bringing a shovelful of burning coals from behind the bar and depositing it in the back lounge fireplace when one arrived in the cold months - the third because one didn't pay until you were ready to leave.
Sand and clay weigh about 5 pounds per shovelful, and Portland cement weighs about 8 pounds per shovelful.
For the Academy Award-nominated documentary Cavedigger, director Jeffrey Karoff follows Paulette as he carves into the earth, one shovelful at a time.
I throw a shovelful of dirt over that, pour in about a pint of water, and sow four squash seeds.
The wind kicked up and the entire shovelful ended up in my face, all over my body and back where it came from.
Two lawsuits, one judicial appeal and even a new state legislation had been spawned by a 900-foot-long, nine-story project along Boca Raton's primary thoroughfare, even before the first shovelful of dirt was turned.
Mason lifted the first shovelful of earth to begin excavation of an ill-fated canal to connect the Clinton and Kalamazoo rivers.
That's amazing," Jack said, digging up another shovelful.
When the winter arrived, which was one of the worst of the century, our job then included standing on the back of an open truck, throwing a mixture of sharp sand and rock salt on the road, a shovelful at a time.