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earn large sums of money

eat a large amount of food quickly

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Some people shovel in front of their homes, but the majority of residents, accustomed to having the town take care of it, do not, he said.
It looks like sand and dirt would sift right through the holes, but they don't, so you can use this shovel in any soil.
Extension of 3.3KV O/H line for marching EKG 341 middle panel to top bench & placement shovel in new portion of Albion OCP in Damoda.
It introduced the first AC-powered electric mining shovel in 1981.
He designed the shovel in the SolidWorks CAD package from SolidWorks Corp.
It introduced the first AC- powered electric mining shovel in 1981.
Although it was sailing in mostly uncharted waters on this repair, the company had some basis for confidence in the outcome: it had polished its large-rebuild skills on the earlier project, it was familiar with the repair history and current condition of the shovel in question--and it also had one of Marion's original shovel engineers on the staff.
The most recently rebuilt shovel in Brazil has been working for several months at the Alegria mine of CV (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce), the nation's largest miner, and one of the world's biggest Fe-ore producers.
Using a single crane, the Megalifter's components can be assembled and installed on the shovel in one day, and the lift can then be completed during the same shift, saving as much as six to seven days of downtime required for cribbing and jacking.
An inset also shows the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the shovel in reference to the mine plan.
The smaller of the two moly mines has a P&H rope shovel in the 10-20 [m.sup.3] range, Demag and P&H hydraulic excavators, also in the 10-20 [m.sup.3] range, and Cat 992 wheel loaders.