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I told them to shove off, as I see everyone for who they are and Nik is a lovely, warm-hearted, genuine woman.
Think of innocent kids who go out and have the best experiences of their lives and are now going to get told to shove off.
Too often it seems easier to shove off fault on others.
With their leader Nick Bourne last week stood on the edge of a cliff, the Conservative group could not quite bring themselves to give him a final shove off it.
Get on with your work - you're a disgrace to your profession," then I will respond: "Look here, buster - I am doing my work - I'm writing a very important piece about Swedish blonde beauties, so stop jumping to conclusions and shove off back to your ivory tower.
As we shove off for the return leg of our sea cruise, I ask Haile for an outline of what is recently taking place.
Now anybody who is not working, on a low income, pregnant, or has any illness that affects the teeth and gums and gets their oral care for free are being told to shove off.
We shove off and practice turns, back paddling and ``high siding,'' which means piling onto one side of the raft if it runs into a rock so we don't get ``wrapped'' - what happens when the raft gets plastered on a boulder like a wet handkerchief and thousands of pounds of pressure from the river keep it pinned.
Those who are offended at my enjoying Christmas can shove off, and for the millions of non-whingers, like myself, Have yourself a very merry Christmas one and all.
Such revelry was in direct contrast to those party poopers in the Safeway press office who booked one of plush St James's Street's trendiest bars for their gig -- only for most of them to shove off home before some of their guests had even arrived.
Paul and Edith can't bring themselves to tell him outright to please shove off.
In essence, the male fly may not get the hint to shove off.
on Wednesday, we shove off again, heading for our next and final destination, RCCL's private Bahamian island, Coco Cay.
He's doing a Meatloaf wannabe tribute band - send him to a bar in Vegas, put Meat Loaf under him and shove off.
said Lauren Moore of Elmira, also 7 1/2, who had just mustered the nerve to shove off from the edge of the pool and into her father's waiting arms.