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Mr Shouty continued: "If people can't be nice, why can't they just be quiet.
Still, at least that got us in the pub, where we consumed vast quantities of rose before going home to regret, self-loathing and 6am wake up calls to watch Dangermouse and answer lots of shouty questions about why Pluto isn't a planet any more and how can we all fit on Earth because it's so small and surely shouldn't we move to Jupiter?
THE cult rockers from Birmingham, Alabama serve up a curious blend of southern rock and contemporary metal, Skynyrd licks balanced by Dallas Taylor's shouty vocals.
Congratulations to everyone involved in this brilliant, sweary and shouty 30 minutes - and, please, give us a sweary and shouty series
First, we need to decide on a shouty place in our house, where Amber will be sent to make her noise.
He ruined a great show and lost millions of viewers with his shouty style and displayed less charisma than a broken down Austin Allegro waiting to be towed to the scrapyard.
And shouty arms dealer Roper in his Thomas Pink shirts and aggressively-tailored chinos.
Sitting in the stand worked well at Rotherham - any plans to do it more often and let Neil do the shouty stuff?
The Los Angeles indie outfit are on the verge of getting shouty to the point of being hoarse-voiced on this rumbling debut, but perhaps its an outward sign they're vehemently passionate about their music.
IT'S hard to tell whether there was an initial mixing problems or if TGT's ambitious layers of percussion, old-school breaks and shouty punk vocals gradually glued.
Basically it's like Can't Cook Won't Cook directed by Tony Scott, with elaborate swooping graphics, pumping orchestral-techno soundtrack and shouty presenters barking ridiculous non-sequiturs about beef-stuffed pancakes like: "He's taking quality cattle, wrapping it into a ball AND THROWING IT AT THE WORLD
The tenth series of Big Brother has attracted the lowest ratings since it and shouty host Davina McCall first burst on to our screens in 2000.
Opener Living in the Pocket of a Drug Queen is textbook big beat; thunderous drums, record scratches, a guitarist for the hook and most importantly shouty vocals.
But the issue with that is you work almost every day, so on the rare day you can help, you end up with six shouty five year olds scrapping for eight hours, and you won't have enough patience, control, or fish fingers to find your way through.
IN THE name of the shouty Davina, talk about getting one's co-ordinated knickers in a twist.