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Synonyms for shouter

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

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I was fortunate enough to be captain at Celtic with all these big players and I wasn't a shouter.
2) But the SPLM VIP who was shouted at run to the policestation in Malakia to sue the shouter and publishers of the 'thief shout news'.
Ellis's recent release "Speak No Evil" is perhaps the most guitar-driven of his career, which has included stints with blues shouter Nappy Brown, Chicago harpist Bob Nelson, and Preston Hubbard, of The Fabulous Thunderbirds fame.
Rather than become a shouter herself, Helena leaves her crooked house in the valley beside the turquoise stream.
From a prolific shouter at work, to a calm reflective wallflower at home.
I try not to be a control freak, and I'm certainly not a shouter," he muses.
I don't think anyone should waste their time working for a shouter.
On stage Scott is a man possessed, spitting and snarling like a Mississippi juke-joint shouter on a moonshine bender.
lesbian can tell you that POWER UP was founded by three women--Amy Shouter, K.
A small number of individuals subscribe to traditional Caribbean religions with African roots, such as the Shouter Baptists (5.
Down the hall, though, you might be dealing with someone like Paula the Shouter, whose underlying needs are ongoing.
In one memorable passage he unearths the origins of black blues shouter BigJoe Turner's "I Got a Gal for Every Day in the Week" in "a ragtime coon song composed in 1900.
Their version of the Rolling Stones' "Just Wanna See His Face" is a rip-snorting shouter that makes you wanna raise your hands and holler.
Now in its third year, the line-up includes headliners Conn ie Lush and Blues Shouter.