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in a vehement outcry


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Let me get in, too, mates," shouted a young man in the crowd whose appetite was aroused.
Give us a song, mates," shouted someone in the cart and everyone in the cart joined in a riotous song, jingling a tambourine and whistling.
I'll teach you to kick," Mikolka shouted ferociously.
It's my property," shouted Mikolka and brought the shaft down with a swinging blow.
Look out," he shouted, and with all his might he dealt a stunning blow at the poor mare.
Finish her off," shouted Mikolka and he leapt beside himself, out of the cart.
shouted Mikolka, with bloodshot eyes, brandishing the bar in his hands.
one of the peasants shouted with all his might, but still it was impossible to make out who they were.
shouted another, ceaselessly beating his horse with the switch.
shouted the crowd, and some among them shouted, "Hey for Reynold Greenleaf
shouted the Sheikh happily as he watched an American couple staring at a diamond necklace on the display window.
ISLAMABAD -- National Conference legislator, Mohammad Akbar Lone, in Indian occupied Kashmir, shouted pro-Pakistan slogans in the so-called Kashmir Assembly, Saturday to counter BJP MLAs who were shouting anti-Pakistan slogans.
There were 16 incidents of shouted abuse and one incident of harassment.
She's only very young and really didn't want to eat it, but my mother-in-law shouted at her like she was a 10-year-old.
A MAN who claimed he was sleep talking when he shouted abuse at his neighbour through an adjoining wall has been spared jail.