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Synonyms for shout

cry (out)


shout someone down

Synonyms for shout

a loud cry

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

to proclaim in a blatantly startling way

Synonyms for shout

References in classic literature ?
Meantime the clang of the blows, and the shouts of the combatants, mixed fearfully with the sound of the trumpets, and drowned the groans of those who fell, and lay rolling defenceless beneath the feet of the horses.
It was a shout of sudden excitement at the appearance of a horseman cleaving the crowd at full gallop.
But their cries had not been entirely fruitless, for now I heard answering shouts and the footfalls of many men running and the clank of accouterments and the commands of officers.
The investment into and launch of Shout by Motivate gives us unparalleled abilities in delivering consumers via social, local, and mobile, all while embracing the power of authenticity and the brand story.
As part of the newly formed partnership, Radiate Media offers to both radio and TV a customized audio "shouting" solution based on the Shout to Me platform.
I do, however, wish her a pleasant retirement and hope that she does not see the need to have to resort to shout at anyone in the future.
AX) (OTC: ANZBY) has said that it has completed the acquisition of Shout for Good, a company which has developed a digital fundraising platform enabling individuals to donate money to over 150 charities.
People who shout Omaha at pizza or men who shout at hot dogs?
Jump and Shout was set up initially as part of the Kirklees Dance Development Initiative and since 1983 thousands of mainly young people and adults have showcased their talents on stage.
Questioned about whether there were two shouts of "fore" and a possible shout of "get down", he replied: "I don't recall it.
Send us an email, titled Something to Shout About, with an outline of the story and your contact details to news@liverpoolecho.
16, the date in 1810 when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla's shout marked the start of Mexico's 11-year war for freedom from Spain.
There are many shouts of "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great