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the bony arch formed by the collarbones and shoulder blades in humans

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We also measured the spatial orientation of the pelvis (P) and shoulder girdle (S): obliquity (Obli), tilt (Tilt) and rotation (Rot).
Try these at-home exercises to strengthen your serratus anterior and the rest of the shoulder girdle for stronger, smoother port de bras:
In this case, the abscess is likely to have formed following trauma to the shoulder girdle while boxing, leading to a subscapular haematoma.
The parasite displayed a fusion of the shoulder girdle consisting of a dysplastic scapula and clavicula connected to the sternum and left chest and a fusion of the rather well-developed pelvis to the lower sternum and left chest.
There are some simple pilates moves you can try for the holiday season.Swimming Prep is an excellent exercise to improve core stability and strengthen shoulder girdle. Sidekicks are great for building core stability while strengthening your thighs, especially your glutes.
'Physical therapy work is important to help restore the range of motion for the entire shoulder girdle, to regain whole body mobility, to correct posture, to perform functional movement, and to fix muscular imbalances.
It is also known as brachial plexus neuritis, neuralgic amyotrophy, brachial plexitis, brachial plexus neuropathy, or shoulder girdle syndrome or neuritis.
A classic example of this would be the anterior pectoral musculature (locked-short; tight and weak) and the posterior shoulder girdle retractor and thoracic spinal extensor musculature (locked-long, tight and weak).
Compared to the FS group; jaw, shoulder girdle, upper and lower arm, and neck were the less affected sites in control group.
The patient was diagnosed with AWS and was administered 75 mg naproxen sodium twice a day for seven days for pain relief, and 15 sessions of physical therapy were planned to include hot pack, ROM exercises, strengthening exercises of the shoulder girdle muscles to maintain correct shoulder biomechanics, stretching exercises for shoulder abduction and flexion and axillary myofascial release massage to resolve the cord and to increase venous and lymphatic drainage.
The patient is coached either for the next bearing-down effort or to not push to allow for gradual, controlled delivery of the fetal shoulder girdle. We avoid use of the fetal head for traction and move to facilitate "shrugging" with reduction of the bisacromial to facilitate delivery.
Neuralgic amyotrophy (NA) is a marked sudden onset disorder which may present in otherwise healthy individuals characterized by abrupt symptoms of severe neuropathic pain of the upper extremity and subsequent neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction of the shoulder girdle. (1,2) Though NA is also known as Parsonage-Turner syndrome, it may additionally be referred to as acute brachial neuritis, acute brachial plexitis, acute brachial neuropathy, Kiloh-Nevin syndrome, brachial plexus neuropathy, idiopathic brachial plexopathy, idiopathic brachial neuritis, localized neuritis of the shoulder girdle, multiple neuritis of the shoulder girdle, paralytic brachial neuritis, serum neuritis, shoulder girdle neuritis, or shoulder girdle syndrome.
The reasons these injuries occur include functional disorders of the lower limbs, the chest, pelvic girdle, or the shoulder girdle and collapse of the kinetic chain.
The medical records of patients who visited the hospital after January 2010 for examination of PMR-like symptoms were retrospectively reviewed to identify patients who fulfilled the following inclusion criteria: (i) musculoskeletal US was performed to evaluate persistent inflammatory pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder girdle, regardless of pelvic girdle involvement; (ii) musculoskeletal US examination was performed before starting treatment with corticosteroids or antirheumatic drugs; (iii) follow-up clinical information one year after the US examination was available.
One study used proximal muscle strengthening, prosthetic education exercises, neuromuscular reeducation and therapeutic activities.8 Two studies used virtual reality exercises;6,9 one of them used voice sensitive technology and adaptive sports to compare with the effects of virtual reality exercises.9 One study used scapular and shoulder girdle, back and abdominal muscle strengthening exercises, self care activities, table and household activities, motor skills and general activity exercises for training child amputees.12