shotgun shell

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a shell containing lead shot

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The bottle is designed with a raised edge at the top to emulate the edge of a shotgun shell. The body of the package is wrapped in a clear plastic film that provides tamper evidence and retains product quality and freshness.
That sorry dog had nine shotgun shells in its belly and we only had one option.
It was for a handle that fits all the parts of the giant shotgun shell cleaning kit.
The all brass shotgun shell of World Wars I and II would grow verdigris once exposed to moisture.
Any object that can hold a scent qualifies, including a piece of clothing or a shotgun shell. Wearing gloves and using gauze cloth and special tools to collect the evidence ensure that nothing else leaves its scent on the object.
The 4140 steel part has two bores, one for the .22-caliber cartridge and one for the .410-bore shotgun shell. The bores must be exactly parallel, and the back surface of the receiver must be perpendicular to the bore centerlines.
One person could take the weapon through the checkpoint, and a confederate could take one shotgun shell through.
It's something like a mini 12-gauge shotgun shell that lacks any sort of solid projectile.
IT IS HARD to understand how a manufacturer can improve upon a shotgun shell design every single year, but that's exactly what many of them manage to do.
"We received a report that one of the conscripts working with the security forces randomly shot at protesters in a fit of rage after his colleague was injured due to a shotgun shell during the demonstration by the governorate building," said Suez Police Chief Major General Adel Reft.
150-UGHT SHOTGUN SHELL wreath, available in red or multicolored genuine shotgun shells, $109; The Carriage House, 107 Front Ave., Indianola, 662.887.9911
If you love the smell of a just-fired shotgun shell or doves pulled from the vest, but find the snap of an aluminum can tab and foaming beverages a little crass for good friends and special occasions, this is your drink.
Inside was a map with dots representing attack locations, one used shotgun shell and a piece of paper referring to serial violence.
After being stitched shut, the bag is packed into a 12-gauge shotgun shell.