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an athletic competition in which a heavy metal ball is hurled as far as possible

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His stage ambitions, however, were delayed by selection as a shot-putter in the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.
Court, once one of Australia's leading shot-putters, converted to rugby only three years ago but has made impressive progress.
Not unexpectedly, the strength events provided future football greats, like New York Giants' tackle Rosey Grier of Roselle (NJ), shot-putter and javelin-thrower extraordinaire.
Craig Sturrock consolidated his position as fourth-ranked under-23 shot-putter in the UK with a superb effort last weekend.
Okay so there were huge queues, screaming children and it was hotter than a shot-putter's armpit in Athens.
SHAMED shot-putter Carl Myercough crashed out of his first major championship in two years, handing the British team a nightmare start.
Former Olympic shot-putter Geoff Capes - who breeds budgies - will present the trophies.
Already at the Olympics there have been a number of high-profile disqualifications in the wake of negative drugs tests, including Romanian gymnast Andreea Raducan and American shot-putter C P Hunter, husband of double Olympic 100m champion Marion Jones.The Paralympic project aims at raising awareness among handicapped athletes of the potential dangers of doping to their health.
It is a well-known anecdote that Hori, a shot-putter while attending Keio University, responded to his wife-to-be when she asked why he chose such a conservative event that it was "because I don't have to speak with other people."
You have to be the world's first openly gay shot-putter.
The Birchfield Harriers' shot-putter has already laid down a marker this season, coming first in February's Welsh Under-20 Championships a week after finishing sixth at the British Indoor Championships in Sheffield.
Among the athletes included on the WAA programme are shot-putter Adele Nicoll, sprinters Rachel Johncock and Hannah Thomas, 400m runner Owen Smith and hammer thrower Osian Jones.
Shot-putter Carl Myerscough would also be eligible for selection.
Nigella who once described herself as being "built like a shot-putter", flaunted her slimline new look at London's
Winch also points out that shot-putter Carl Myerscough, who has also served a ban, has been welcomed back into the team.