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Synonyms for shot



a shot in the dark

by a long shot: by any means


call the shots


have a shot


like a shot

long shot


Synonyms for shot

a trying to do or make something

a brief trial

a favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances

a small amount of liquor

Synonyms for shot

(sports) the act of swinging or striking at a ball with a club or racket or bat or cue or hand

a chance to do something

a person who shoots (usually with respect to their ability to shoot)

a consecutive series of pictures that constitutes a unit of action in a film

the act of putting a liquid into the body by means of a syringe

a small drink of liquor

an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect

an estimate based on little or no information

an informal photograph

sports equipment consisting of a heavy metal ball used in the shot put

Related Words

an explosive charge used in blasting

a blow hard enough to cause injury

Related Words

informal words for any attempt or effort

the launching of a missile or spacecraft to a specified destination

varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles

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To which my reply is: 95 per cent of rugby clubs are shot to pieces because the senseless cavaliers who turned the game professional did so without a thought for the consequences of it being hi-jacked by wealthy opportunists who set ridiculous levels of wages that the rest tried to follow and couldn't afford.
But the Lanarkshire side's dreams of glory were shot to pieces as they were hammered 7-0 by Broxburn Athletic Colts.
He looked to have improved again at Newmarket, though, and he had a decent field of handicappers completely shot to pieces about three furlongs out.
There was little chance of Keogh taking up a place on the bench as well and he insisted: "My knees were shot to pieces ages ago - so are half my organs for that matter
The member for North Tayside told the ITV1 Seven Days programme: ``The Government's case for amalgamation of the regiments has been shot to pieces.
That is why its credibility has been shot to pieces.
Watford's confidence is shot to pieces and Lewington admits it will be a hell of a job trying to restore it.
But such cynicism is immediately shot to pieces once Shannon Lee bursts into song.
The economic tests will never be met if they mean anything, and the Government should come clean and own up that its policy is now shot to pieces.
But apparently Railtrack cannot afford to lose the man who has held his hand up for the scandalous events in which the line near Hatfield was identified in January as being shot to pieces.
In addition to Gettysburg and Stories of Valor (Civil War Minutes(TM) III), Pittsburgh-based Inecom Entertainment Company has produced Johnstown Flood narrated by Richard Dreyfuss, Civil War Minutes(TM) - Confederate and Civil War Minutes(TM) - Union DVD box sets, and the Civil War Life DVD box set which includes Left for Dead and Shot to Pieces DVD titles.
City's shock 1-0 defeat at Burnley on Saturday has sent them into tomorrow's decisive last-16 tie with Barcelona - who lead 2-1 from the first leg - with their confidence shot to pieces.
I was at my lowest ebb, my confidence was shot to pieces and I just couldn't see how things were going to get any better.
Higgins said: "It's hard enough for us, but some of the small jumps tracks are going to be shot to pieces by the cuts.
But he recalled back then that his nerves were shot to pieces as he looked down the first fairway and he is expecting much of the same as a professional next month in Detroit.