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a radio wave with a wavelength less than 100 meters (a frequency greater than 3 megahertz)

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Shortwave rounded in a 25- to 35-knot westerly, but as the evening wore on the breeze strengthened and took its toll on the 10-boat fleet.
He loved The Debt Collection and managed to secure The Shortwave Set a slot supporting Gnarls Barkley on tour.
Reaching the 900 million existing shortwave radio sets worldwide is exciting and is reaping miracles of grace and conversion for listeners.
New conspiracy theories are already spreading via the Internet, the fax machines, and the shortwave radio stations.
Support for the far-right Cuban-American National Foundation comes from evangelist Lester Sumrall's LeSEA Broadcasting, which daily airs its programs, "Voice to Haiti" and "Voice of the Foundation," to Latin America via shortwave.
SPECTRO XR implements up to 9 advanced and fully digital sensors (Medium Wavelength Infrared MWIR, Visible and Near Infrared VNIR and Shortwave Infrared SWIR) and lasers with a very high level of stabilization, providing users with high performance in adverse weather conditions.
As a market leader with years of experience, Anderson Thermal Devices understands these challenges, and has responded with a comprehensive range of shortwave industrial heaters.
Precision Glass & Optics offers customized optical solutions for shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging applications.
Entries by mid-November included two prominent CYCA members, Matthew Short with the TP52 Shortwave and Julian Farren-Price with his keenly sailed Cookson 12 About Time.
A testament to Tweedy's well-known radio fixation, the title Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (and the sample of an ambiguously accented woman intoning its three words during the coda of "Poor Places") was lifted, uncredited, from The Conet Project, four CDs of eerie recordings of shortwave "numbers stations" that broadcast coded messages to intelligence agents in NATO'S phonetic alphabet.
The technique can be used during times when naturally occurring ionospheric disturbances interfere with communication by satellite or shortwave radio, according to John R.
Hawthorne, NJ, November 28, 2014 --( The company's shortwave heater selection includes their Twin Tube heaters, which operate at a peak shortwave wavelength of up to 1.0 microns and can be tuned to suit the requirements of the product being heated.
Cruising Yacht Club of Australia member Matthew Short has entered his TP52 Shortwave in this year's WestCoaster race from Melbourne to Hobart, emulating two races he sailed with his father in the early 1970s.
The era contains the proprietary InGaAs which offers sensitivity and resolution in the shortwave infrared wavelength spectrum.
The ATD line of high quality, shortwave quartz halogen single tube and twin tube IR lamps, shortwave cassettes, medium wave and fast response medium wave (FRMW) quartz tube emitters, IR panel heaters, IR modules, and specialty IR heaters are well accepted by the process heating industry.