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Synonyms for shorten

Synonyms for shorten

to make short or shorter the duration or extent of

Synonyms for shorten

make short or shorter

become short or shorter

edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate

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In addition to being a sign of aging, shortened telomeres can also raise the risk of a number of serious health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, dementia and heart disease, ( Yahoo reported.
As a last resort, if you need to shorten even further, you can remove the nocking loop from the bowstring altogether and shoot the release aid by attaching it directly to the string.
"If our telomere shortens by an extra 100 or 200 units, but we have thousands of units at the ends of our chromosomes, then it's not clear that this is enough to cause problems," says Armanios.
Wright indicates that the alternative splicing method also could be useful for regenerative medicine, because telomeres in our stem cells shorten with age and that eventually compromises their function.
It is the first time that successive tournaments have had to be shortened by one round since the Fujisankei Classic and the Suntory Open in 2007.
Belfast Magistrates heard Shorten met the girl online last year.
An impressive display in Monday's bushtucker trial saw Ryder shorten in the market, while actor Nigel Havers' moaning has seen him shorten to be first out.
Researchers speculated that since telomeres shorten slightly when cells divide, preventing that shortening could protect new cells and in turn reduce the effects of aging.
How the heck do you cut a screw to shorten it without messing up the threads?
PUNTERS have been told to back Andy Murray before his odds shorten. The Dunblane ace remains second favourite at 2-1 after toasting Serbia's Viktor Troicki in the third round yesterday.
Under the accelerated restricted procedure, contracting authorities may shorten the time limit for requests to participate from the normal 37 to ten days, if the contract notice was sent by electronic means.
Stress, obesity, and insulin resistance may shorten an individual's telomeres (SN: 12/4//04,p.
Deep discharging Hawker AGMs in cold environments can also shorten their life span because the current voltage regulator will undercharge them.
However, when the CP is not long enough, the orthogonality of the subcarriers is lost, causing intercarrier and intersymbol interference (ICI and ISI), and a prefilter is needed at the receiver to shorten the effective channel to appropriate length.
I strongly suspect that readers' attention spans, as we progress through the second decade of the internet era, continue to shorten.