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Synonyms for shortcoming

Synonyms for shortcoming

something that mars the appearance or causes inadequacy or failure

an imperfection of character

Synonyms for shortcoming

a failing or deficiency


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Lynde did not spare him in her enumeration of his shortcomings, you may be sure.
They lecture our shortcomings unsparingly, and every night they call us together and read to us chapters from the Testament that are full of gentleness, of charity, and of tender mercy; and then all the next day they stick to their saddles clear up to the summits of these rugged mountains, and clear down again.
The captain's natural taciturnity he distorted into a studied attempt to insult him because of his past shortcomings.
Nevertheless, the liberal fulfilment of their promise in the new house in the suburbs blinded the young girls' eyes to their shortcomings in the town.
It would be so," answered Sancho, "if there were none of the herbs your worship says you know in these meadows, those with which knights-errant as unlucky as your worship are wont to supply such-like shortcomings.
But we are so blind to our own shortcomings, so wide awake to those of others.
Ladislaw was not at all deep himself in German writers; but very little achievement is required in order to pity another man's shortcomings.
Watching in it, in the way we have suggested, the contention of those two men, those two minds in him, and observing how the one might have ascertained and corrected the shortcomings of the other, we certainly understand, and can sympathize with Amiel's despondency in the retrospect of a life which seemed to have been but imperfectly occupied.
And thereat, solicited by Joan, Tudor narrated the wreck of the Huahine; while Sheldon smoked and pondered, and decided that whatever the man's shortcomings were, he was at least not a liar.
But somebody had to do the cooking, and whatever else his shortcomings, Beauty Smith could cook.
The reality and future aspirations) has lamented that there was media shortcoming against a considerable government achievements
As the statistics is based on data summarized from about 26 factories, the probability of any human shortcoming during the ongoing project can be presumed.
The complainant has failed to derive any pleasure and satisfaction after purchasing a new car, due to numerous imperfections in the car due to shortcoming of quality checks by opposite party (Tata Motors).
The politician added: "I'm delighted that these students have now been given their proper grades, but it is clear that there remains a very serious shortcoming in the system.
Sometimes, a shortcoming is identified because senior managers are carrying out lesson observations that focus too much on what the teacher is doing rather than on what pupils are learning.