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Synonyms for shortage

Synonyms for shortage

Synonyms for shortage

the property of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required

an acute insufficiency


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For a copy of ATA's Driver Shortage Analysis paper, click here.
The app is available for free download via iTunes (for Apple devices) and the Google Play store (for Android devices) by searching FDA Drug Shortages.
The empirical work of Haskel & Martin (1993a) treated the CBI (5) skills shortage as an indicator, a proxy for the average duration of vacancies of skilled labor &Stevens (1994) uses the same indicator as a proxy for the marginal cost of recruiting skilled labor.
Industry-Regulatory Roundtable: The Roles of Quality Culture and Regulatory Relationships in Preventing Shortages
While these provisions included in the FDA Safety and Innovation Act mark an important first step to address the current drug shortage crisis, ongoing advocacy to prevent future shortages is critical.
Steile injectable drug shortages are a national healthcare crisis that is increasing in the United States (Ault, 2011; Rosenthal, 2011; Shaw, 2011; Tobin, 2011).
Let me point out that an absolute shortage of professional skills refer to a lack of suitably skilled people in the labour market, for a new or rising occupation.
If you find out about a drug shortage while you still have a month's supply, it's a lot better than finding out when there is nothing.
Customers have been experiencing shortage of sugar in some of the hypermarkets.
DGBAS officials indicated that the labor shortage rate rises amid buoyant business climate, and vice versa for the unemployment rate, with the two rates usually moving like a seesaw.
In five years, 71% said they won't have enough engineers to meet their needs and in ten years, 62% anticipated a continuing shortage.
In 2000 a severe shortage of diagnostic radiologists existed in the United States.
To solve the shortage on their new equipment shipments, manufacturers like John Deere Construction have reached agreements with several suppliers, not just one or two, to assure a steady supply.
It's no secret that there is a shortage of new doctoral faculty to meet the increasing demand at universities across the country.
In the process they have managed to manufacture an apparent shortage of "qualified," that is, credentialed teachers.