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a method of physical therapy that involves generating local heat in body tissues by high-frequency electromagnetic currents

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A comparison of the effects of continuous and pulsed short-wave diathermy on peripheral circulation.
Pulsed short-wave diathermy effects on human fibroblast proliferation.
The energy provided by electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and short-wave diathermy machines helps to reduce swelling and pain, and increases circulation, which stimulates the cells to heal damaged tissue.
Management of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease with short-wave diathermy.
The contract is for the supply of medical equipment, broken down into ranges: Range I - CTG apparatus; Scope II - chassis X-ray camera; Scope III - Short-Wave Diathermy therapy magnetic field; Range IV - imaging system for vitreoretinal surgery (for ophthalmic microscope OPMI Lumera type / Zeiss).