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Synonyms for short-circuit

hamper the progress of

create a short circuit in


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avoid something unpleasant or laborious

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It said that PTV station manager briefed him about the blaze and said that it was caused by an electric short-circuit.
The short-circuit occurred in an air-conditioning (AC) unit installed in one of the site's garages.
Short-circuit current testing of springs made from two highly conductive copper alloy materials was conducted at 1 second and 3 seconds at power levels up to 65,000 amps to determine the average maximum current each material could withstand.
Zabava, "A new and efficient algorithm for short-circuit calculation in distribution networks with distributed generation," in Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering (ATEE '15), pp.
The switchgear, type HB3-100, protects operating equipment such as electrical generators and transformers against overvoltage and short-circuit conditions and serves to support automated and demand-controlled operational management of power plants.
The shock goes through them all, bridging across terminals and causing a short-circuit.
At 0/30 V it behaves almost as a current-source mode, where load current changes from 200 A at short-circuit to 135 A at 30 V.
Starting at $18, Class CC fuse models are UL98 listed and have a 200 kA short-circuit current rating; Midget Class fuse models are UL 508 listed and have a 10 kA short-circuit current rating.
Selectivity testing of the protective circuit breakers is achieved by deliberately provoking a short-circuit in the DC distribution.
Other problems of wind power plants are related to operation of wind power plants during normal and fault conditions, influence of wind power plants on the operation of relay protection and automation of transmission network, operation of wind power plants during the short-circuit conditions in the network, start of synchronous and induction generators of wind power parks after voltage restoration in 110 kV network.
The EC-E combines active electronic current limiting for short-circuit conditions and overload shutdown, ensuring that the circuit responds to fault conditions faster than the power supply.
GAMES AT WORK: HOW TO RECOGNIZE & REDUCE OFFICE POLITICS comes from two organizational experts who argue that office games can be unconscious as well as conscious and can be minimized with tools to diagnose and short-circuit them.
But short-circuit racing's loss proved to be the TT's gain when Martin clocked an amazing 122mph lap on his first attempt last year, clinching seventh spot in the Senior TT.
The extra work centered around a wiring inspection that was ordered after an investigation into an electrical short-circuit during Columbia's July 1999 launch.
in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is recalling about 41,300 lily-shaped accent lamps because they can short-circuit and ignite, creating a fire hazard.