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Synonyms for short-circuit

hamper the progress of

create a short circuit in


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avoid something unpleasant or laborious

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An investigation officer, who spoke to The Express Tribune on the condition of anonymity since he was not authorised to speak to the media, stated that they did not find any of the telltale signs of a short-circuit in the office.
Similarly, Javaid Global Cotton Waste Factory situated at Qadir Abad Chowk Ghulam Muhammad Abad and a medical store situated at Jail road also caught fire due to short-circuit.
The cause of the fire was yet to be confirmed; however, owners suspected an electric short-circuit.
According to Rescue 1122 and police, the fire broke out in the house situated in Mehria Town Phase-II, Attock around 02:00am, apparently due to short-circuit. Rescue 1122 fire-fighter rushed to the spot upon information and doused the fire.
3) prevention of false triggering of relay protections at short-circuit from low-frequency voltages, if the secondary circuits' cable insulation is still damaged.
The short-circuit occurred in an air-conditioning (AC) unit installed in one of the site's garages.
Another critical problem of L-Isomap algorithm is its topological instability [10], which is caused by short-circuit edges [11].
The LTM8003's pinout is failure-mode effects analysis compliant so the output voltage stays at or below the regulation voltage in the event of short-circuit to GND or short-circuit to a neighboring pin or if a pin is left floating.
has subjected its Bal Spring canted coil springs to third-party testing to demonstrate how well the springs withstand KEMA's rigorous short-circuit current exposure and cycling.
In the considered operating regime, involving a short-circuit fault at generator terminals, the perturbed output (voltage/current) overflows outside of the usual range [11-12].
Siemens is developing the world's first air-insulated generator switchgear with vacuum circuit-breaker technology equipped with short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 100 kiloamperes (kA) at 24 kilovolts (kV).
AN invasion of Argentine "crazy ants" is sparking safety fears because they live in wiring boxes and short-circuit them.
* The high breaking capacity makes this time-lag fuse ideal for applications with high short-circuit currents.
It was reportedly caused by a short-circuit when the driver tried to start the engine of the Saudi-registered GMC truck.